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Nature's Excellence

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Harness Your Uniqueness

"Trees show the bodily form of the wind; waves give vital energy to the moon." Capturing the essence of Tao, although we cannot see a greater force, we observe its effects as it orchestrates events.

In Taoism, the "thing event" that is witnessed is called "the carved block." As soon as it is carved, "it is time to let it go." Unattached and ever present, we "return to the uncarved block" to move with the changes.

sign that reads without showing favoritism all things are made stronger

Nature moves purposely without showing favoritism. Sometimes it may seem like things are not right in the world, but the wisdom of nature is simply driving all things to become stronger.

In the landscape of spring
everything is in a state of becoming.

Taoism teaches us to trace the thread that binds all things together, without ever losing the sense of self. One's unique nature is often revealed when understood within the greater fabric of life. Life's pursuit of excellence unfolds everywhere around us, and when we observe how nature drives all species to become stronger, we discover that something very profound has been committed to our success since the beginning.

Standing at the bank of a river, the master said: “everything flows on and on like this river, without pause, day and night.” Even while we hold fast to the familiar, and attempt to fight against this perpetual flow, we are no match for the power of the great river. Like the collision of opposites at the molecular level, negative events unleash the bound up energy of stagnation that allows for renewal. In life's perpetual flowering, we too, are led toward the pursuit of excellence.

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