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Five of Wands

Five of Wands Tarot Card

The enthusiastic energy of Wands often hones itself through debate or playful sparring. Both the symbolism of 5 and Wands relate to creativity and play. This can be a card of having fun or engaging with coworkers and friends in healthy competition.

Often this card will appear when you are heavily focused on developing a skill or hobby into a business with an emphasis on perfecting your idea or craft. If you are in an environment that feels like criticism, check to see if what is really going on involves someone challenging you to be the best you can be.

A boss or partner may be challenging your self-imposed limitations to allow you to let go of an unhealthy mindset. Have fun and don't take things so seriously. Competition is the only way to hone your skills and we sometimes don't know what is important to us until we are forced to defend it.

Dreams of sports can show the game we play with ourselves and life when moving toward our version of success. Healthy competition always invigorates and leads to expertise. Being overly self critical, or defensive can make life a battlefield. The message is to lighten up.

In a relationship, the Five of Wands can show the need for both partners to have their needs met. This can be a frustrating atmosphere when either is not putting the needs of the mate on equal footing. Longevity in a relationship can only occur when fulfilling your partner’s needs is as equally rewarding as fulfilling your own needs.

Keywords: Not taking things seriously. Sparring and competition among friends and co workers. Exercising your skill or craft to perfection. Can be a message to lighten up and have fun. Criticism from others. Individual needs being defended in a relationship.

Reversed: Battles that are exhausting. Someone holding a hard line. Compromise, solutions and teamwork are necessary but elusive. A sense of loss that comes after misunderstandings. Intimidation and shyness. Not standing up for yourself.