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Justice Tarot Card

In nature, there is no justice, only a drive toward optimal growth that serves the entire organism. Nature is the greatest teacher of how it honors differences yet serves the individual. In this way the Justice card can be a sobering answer based on truths, not desires.

The interdependence we recognize in nature is an all or nothing equation without prejudice. If you are feeling like life has turned on you, it may be time to recognize the part you played in creating the conditions you now face. What are laws if not the general consensus of how people can balance their desires against the desires of others? You may feel strongly about something, but the answer will follow something akin to cause and effect.

You do not live in a vacuum and have to recognize that people will respond to your actions in whatever way they see fit. Some penal systems are just an industry where politics and laws are merely a paycheck so the system can be sustained.

Blind Justice is just the law of Karma or how cause leads to effect. When Justice appears, there is an element of truth that is being presented whether or not you want to hear it.

The time is now to take responsibility for the life you are creating. It is interesting that this card appears many times when it seems like an injustice is taking place. More than any other archetype, this card asks you to look squarely at the truth in regards to your actions.

A person with an unacknowledged fear of intimacy attracts partners least likely to commit. The sword Justice holds is like the highest expression of the suit of swords. In order for Justice to work, facts take precedent over emotional considerations.

It offers a message that even if you are unconscious of your actions, they have repercussions. If you sincerely are in the right, you must give Justice time to balance the scales.

Nothing can hide from the way that nature balances out any extremes. Associated with the legal system, you are being given a message that the truth will come to light.

The hardest lesson we must sometimes face is that there is no mercy in the flow of cause and effect. If you want to experience a different outcome, then you must do things differently. If your intentions and motives are true, Justice will uphold them.

Keywords: Balancing karma and allowing time to determine the outcome. Receiving what is fair or reaping the result of past action. Lawsuits and legal negotiations in your favor. Standing up for the truth. 

Reversed: Lawsuits dragging out or not working in your favor. Feeling misjudged or unfairly treated. An analytical approach without emotion.