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The Lovers

The Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers represent union and commitment in many forms. Its most obvious message shows a willingness to follow a loved one to the end of the earth if necessary because the infatuation is so strong. But the Lovers can also appear when a difficult choice needs to be made.

It can be a message to align reason with the heart and look squarely at a partnership. The other can be amazing and wonderful but how do they make you feel about yourself? A true partnership consists of two individuals supporting each other’s separate qualities. Its duality can show the need for interdependence rather than dependence.

The Lovers is usually a green light to proceed down the path of your desire. It appears when a relationship moves toward deeper intimacy. Even in a platonic or business partnership it can suggest a true meeting of complimentary aspects that will lead to success.

If the Lovers appears in a placement making the energy unrecognized, it can suggest that someone is admiring you from afar. Associated with the astrological sign Gemini, the Lovers can sometimes appear when you need to successfully balance different areas of your life. Like the I Ching hexagram #8 Union, we may need to unify ideas that we believe are separate.

Somewhere in the middle of an either/or decision is a happy medium that honors and merges the two. The world ‘in here’ and ‘out there’ should not have any separation.

The Lovers remind us that what we carry in heart and mind is the cause for the situations we ‘court.’ There is a magnetism and charm associated with this card that can portray one who easily attracts others to their ideas. In any type of conflict, remember that you will attract more bees with honey. Allow others the opportunity to hold to their vision and seek a win/win solution.

The unity suggested by the Lovers will not succeed unless all parties are able to implement their unique vision for individual fulfillment. The angel looking down upon the Adam and Eve characters in this card reminds us how Love enters our lives not through the person we love, but like an endless wind that is always guiding us into communion with our spirit.

Love can blow through like a hurricane to unleash us from a past that no longer serves us. It may come in the guise of another but its purpose is to change us. They say in life, there is only love or fear. Take a chance and open your heart to where love might lead you. Love is always our most direct access to the divine that dwells within.

Keywords: Love and commitment in partnership. The union of like minded people. A difficult choice. Aligning heart and mind. Reason taking a back seat to passion. 

Reversed: Failed relationship, disharmony and stalemate. Conflicts in values. The end of an affair. Irreconcilable differences or unrequited love. One partner committed while the other is not. Infidelity.