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I ching

Huan (Dispersion)

I Ching Hexagram 59

Huan (Dispersion)

Action: Flow

Hu Gua (hidden influence) 27 Nourishing Vision: Nurture

Zong Gua (underlying cause) 55 Abundance: Fulfill

There is a thing confusedly formed ~ life is an all or nothing equation.

There is a destiny that makes us brothers, no one goes his way alone; All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own. – Edwin Markham

Reading at a Glance: Dispersion focuses on the interdependency of life and your connection to all you see. If you are feeling isolated or cut off from others, examine the defenses or walls that make you feel uncomfortable opening up to others. When a landscape becomes hardened because of a lack of rain, dust storms scatter the soil and the winds can actually create the storms that rise up to renew the parched environment. All things are supple when alive and are only hard when dead. Dispersion is nature’s tendency toward renewal so when events appear like a storm, open your soul to the rain. In this situation there can be a hardness in thinking or response that is leading you to encounter hardness in the situations you face. We join groups because of the ways we are alike and grow uncomfortable because of our differences. But it is our differences that make us the unique creation that nature intended. There will never be anyone like you and only you know what it means to be fearlessly yourself. Dispersion is a snapshot of the way that nature finds harmony even while it honors differences. The hidden influence of Nourishing Vision asks you to take responsibility for how your outlook effects what you experience. If you want to experience union, seek to unite. If you want joy, be joyous. The underlying cause of Abundance showed a sense of recognizing your potential and shining alone, but now it is time to share who and what you are with others. If you are in a situation that appears to be dissolving, know that behind any hardness your emotions are being reinvigorated much like the rain. Don’t be afraid to allow the truth to come to light because something can only be corrected by admitting that correction or healing is needed.

Dandelion flower taking flight

Life scatters to reunite

in seeds

upon the wind.

Be lifted up

by the unknown.

“After joy, comes dispersal. Dispersion means scattering.” As a child, perhaps you played with dandelion pods, blowing their white, billowing seeds into the wind. Little did you realize the enormous complexity of a life form that harnesses the wind in its pursuit of regeneration. Scattering is a message about sharing your unique gifts and releasing any boundaries that separate you from others.

Over 100,000 species of mammals, insects and birds go about their daily routines, inadvertently transferring seeds or pollen grains from the male variety of one plant to the female variety of another. Why would nature devise such a complicated system of reproduction? If you were to view life as one giant organism, you would discover many checks and balances that seem to amount to an all or nothing equation.

The wellness of nature’s individual parts relies on the well-being of the whole. The master said: “If this was not the most divine thing on the earth, how could it do this?” The sublime complexity of nature creates communities where each species thrives in each other’s presence. Herbivores need plants; carnivores depend on herbivores, and predation keeps a natural balance. Without scavengers like bacteria, waste could not be regenerated into plants. Without the carbon consuming oceans and rainforests, the animals would be deprived of oxygen. At the same time that life is broken up, you can observe how it is regenerated through a reuniting. In the image of how life scatters to expand, “there is a thing confusedly formed.”

When you open to life’s interconnectivity, you can observe nature performing at its best. “How do we know what life wants of us? It embraces and benefits all. How do we know that it embraces all? Because it holds all in its possession and bestows all creatures with the gift of food.” Although you may take this simple benevolence for granted, it is actually quite profound. This is not a time for limitations and self imposed barriers in your thought processes.

When we observe the interdependency inherent in the natural world, we must wonder if we too, are scattered to reunite in some way that we have yet to understand. The master said: “My Way has one string which threads it all together."

“The Firm comes and does not exhaust itself; the Yielding receives and what is above is in harmony with it.” One who can appreciate nature's profound power for renewal, and would explore 'harmony in one’s greater relationship to life' will find a profound level of initiation on a pathway of environmental work. “Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.” To become a steward of just one small portion of life will create a chain reaction that reverberates across the entire tapestry, which always returns to make you stronger.

“Who can be muddy and yet, settling slowly come to life? Who can be at rest and yet, stirring slowly come to life? One who holds fast to Tao.”

Undefined and yet, complex; interdependent and inspired to drive each thing to be unique, life finds harmony, even while it honors diversity. Observing this complicated chain of sustenance reveals that nature is not only your teacher, it is also your redeemer. It suggests how you must sometimes let something go in order to discover if it is real for you. Nothing real can be threatened because if it is real it will remain. Open to the ways you are connected to others and don’t be afraid to share everything you are in all of your quirkiness. Whether a hardened outlook needs to soften or a relationship has reached an impasse, when you discover and open to your profound connection to everything around you, Dispersion is the only way home.


The inner landscape is like a garden = time is the wind that keeps it renewed. While you may find yourself at an impasse with another, there is a gentle and penetrating influence stirring deep emotional reflection. In the image of wind blowing over the water and any hardness that might lead to dissolution will dissipate. Barriers that are preventing you from the object of your desire need to be addressed. This is not the time for limitations and defenses. You need to flow more. You may feel disconnected from others or feeling out of place but dispersing suggests that you begin to understand how you rely on others. The only thing stopping you from deeper interaction is your own fear of being real. With Abundance as the underlying cause, you may be holding onto what you possess without realizing that sharing can lead to deeper fulfillment. The Gentle Wind moves slowly so you may need to give the situation time to develop. The deep waters can suggest spiritual, emotional or a creative rebirth that is brought about by opening.

Line 1:

Bringing help with the strength of a horse = good fortune. Changes to (61) Inner Truth. If there is an obstacle to union, it is good to address it immediately. The strength of a horse can represent controlling the will in a way that makes you able to follow another’s initiative without losing your Inner Truth. Perhaps the situation will allow for a deeper connection of shared trust. The good fortune comes from following a natural course that allows for an amicable relationship of sharing.

Line 2:

It is dissolving, rush to what supports you = remorse disappears. Changes to (20) Contemplation. When feeling alienated from others, introspection is required in order to see that we are misjudging others. Observing what is supportive and not supportive, we can’t just take a selfish view. In most cases those that challenge us are helping us to grow. Pride or arrogance will not connect you to others. Try to be objective in seeing how your relationships provide more support than you realize. If you can change how you are viewing others in a mistaken way you can avoid suffering and achieve harmony.

Line 3:

One dissolves the self = no remorse. Changes to (57) Penetration. When we are focused too much on our individual needs or are busy defending our opinions and fears, we become alienated from others. To dissolve the self is like the saying: to overcome others we have power but to overcome ourselves we are strong. We find freedom when we are strong enough to control the ego and its fears and tame our mind. While there may initially be hard feelings in this situation, it can turn around with a simple movement away from selfish aims.

Line 4:

Dissolving with the group leads to accumulation = good fortune from an innovative approach. Changes to (6) Conflict. When relationships run their course sometimes we feel only the loss without recognizing how this leads us toward experiences more appropriate to what we are becoming. At the same time, staying in cliques can keep us from meeting new and innovative friends. It is important to stay open to the flow, knowing that closing ourselves off to those we meet can keep us from growing. Since most meetings are propitious, seeing strangers as new friends can lead to great good fortune.

Line 5:

Loud cries dissolve like sweat = dispersion, but the one in charge stays put. Changes to (4) Youthful Folly. The message from Youthful Folly is to keep trying. There may be a lot of emotion and opposition, but the situation is leading to the dispersion of defenses. After much arguing and trying to hold onto the past, the situation softens into union. Perhaps you realize that all the fuss just brings you back to where you started and it is not so bad after all. There can be a power play going on that causes friction only while holding power is the aim. Someone may require an unusual amount of emotional stroking due to insecurity and can be behaving a little childishly. Perhaps you or they are testing their desire to go or your desire to stay the course as a type of loyalty is proven over time. Dispersion makes all things equal because we see the relationship as being more important than our individual needs. In this way we learn how to listen, share and move to a deeper level. The one acting childishly has a knack for staying in charge.

Line 6:

Dissolving in blood, departing and keeping a distance = without blame. Changes to (29) Abyss. A situation undergoing dissolution can become dangerous if we keep reacting and pushing each other’s button. The fear of loss and the pain of being misunderstood is what we defend at such times. This is a perfect situation where seeking to understand is more important than seeking to be understood, or where listening is more important than defending a position. Abyss teaches us to relinquish control. Dispersion can reunite but it can also lead to disunion. Your position or stance is what will determine the outcome.

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