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Kari Hohne teaches readers and app users worldwide how nature's laws of success can unleash greater human potential. As a pioneer of self-help technology, her apps are top sellers at iTunes and Amazon, and Alexa ranks her website in the top 20 percent for popularity of websites worldwide. She is an expert on comparative symbolism and the eastern and western archetypes behind the I Ching, tarot, dreams, astrology and myths. She is passionate about keeping ancient wisdom relevant to modern times. 

She created Cafe au Soul as a virtual database of dream symbols, ancient oracles, and archetypal information. Her work is to make the spiritual tangible through technology, and to drive tolerance through self awareness. With nature as a role model, she coaches businesses toward sustainable profitability.

As Get Tribal, she has released two albums, using ethnic rhythms to produce award winning music that is both transcendental and healing. Kari is currently promoting new music videos for her album Radio God. She launched her popular I Ching as an app with searchable journal and released a new book Decoding the Night Sky.

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Her pioneering work in dream research inspired many books on dreams, which explore the common “hero” cycles of conflict, cause, and resolution that take the dreamer on an adventure of self-discovery. She also has popular translations of ancient texts, including the Tao te Ching, I Ching and comparative mythology.

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