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"As a practicing Jungian analyst and clinical psychologist for over thirty-five years, I applaud your dream interpretation applications."

Author Kari Hohne

I am blessed to be able do a type of work that helps so many people around the world. Some explore inner direction using the free online tools, others work one-on-one with me. Below is a snapshot of the type of feedback that makes my work so rewarding.

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Most Recent

"I found your online free readings the most accurate I have ever experienced. Thank you so much."


"Hi I wanted to express my gratitude for the iChing hexagrams and explanations - I found them so useful and helpful in many situations! Thank you !"


"Writing to say thank you for your excellent guidance interpreting hexagrams. Recently I went through a pretty big life change and I've been "listing" a bit. So, I randomly decided to consult. It's been many years so I had to get on the internet for help. And some of what I found was terrible! It was easy to find methodology information. But interpretation requires a really thoughtful touch…truly your writing resonated in a more mature, gentler, more dimensional way than most of what I found anywhere else. The interpretation took a difficult (29) hexagram to a new place for me. danger repeated can be unsettling but I knew there was more to it. I reread your interpretation a few times and will continue to reference. So...thank you…Now I'm just dropping a line to say the world appreciates you."


"I was listening to you on Harmony Slaters podcast and loved it. I had had a hard morning and showed myself some compassion though I didn't know it at the time and it changed my morning completely. When I came to work and listened to the podcast I heard you talk about compassion and how it frees up energy and that was exactly what had happened to me. Thank you for your kindness in this world, it makes it better."


"Just wanted to thank you for all the benefits I've received - for many years now - from using this website as an unique adjunct to other Yi Jing sources…This website i bookmarked and when I need someone to make sense out if the Yi for use in real life today when the others leave me baffled…I'm grateful for your efforts to bring us this site, and for your sincerity, respect and simply decent way of communicating with everyone."


"Thank you so much for your brilliant and enlightening work with I-Ching which I use for insights and divinationation. I have just used your Tarots too and I must say that both are so aligned with my questions that I am sure channelling is at work."


"I feel very happy to be doing this work with you, I really feel that all this penetrates me and helps me to change, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work."


"Thank you for your offerings to the world. I have been reading and sharing your blogs and videos for quite some time. I read your iChing book as a companion to my Gene Keys book when researching energies."


"I'm amazed at how different I feel after working with you just a short time."

"Your course is phenomenal! I just started answering questions in the very beginning and it was such a profound transformation!"

"I just want to express my gratitude for your work and how deeply it has affected my life. Thank you for flowing with and sharing your te with the world. Your use of language to explain the Tao is unlike anything I’ve read elsewhere and resonates so deeply with me. I read it like scripture again and again. It’s slowly soaking into my being."

"I’ve been consulting the iChing for many decades, and your interpretation is not only right on but brilliant! You’ve captured the true nature-based wisdom in an easily consumable and deeply insightful way that relates to today’s language and situations. I’m in awe of your ability to do so. I just joined and look forward to many joyous hours of listening to how your mind works. I hope many millions of our contemporaries partake of your wisdom."

"I just want to say that of all the free online I Ching reading your is the most beautiful and speaks directly to my soul."

"I have quite enjoyed using your IChing … in fact I stopped throwing coins altogether a few years ago when I found your site. It has been very helpful since I travel a lot. Thank you for your service."

"I would like to thank you for your brilliant work. I have been consulting the I Ching for 50 years through some of the masters and your work has become the most illuminating in our present time. Thank You so very much!"

"I am so amazed by your words, Your work is amazing, the most precise reflection I ever received! Thank you so so much for this wisdom!!!!"

"Thank you for guiding me, and countless others through these unsettled times with your wise and reassuring words. Your interpretations of dreams and ancient texts are beyond accurate: they speak from the voice of a true counselor and exude a love for humanity and all of Nature."

Instagram message about Kari Hohne music

"Kari, this is a “no-need-to-reply” message about how much I appreciate your I Ching oracle and how helpful it has been to me on my life path. Thank you from the bottomless depths of my heart. When I discovered your site, I was extremely skeptical about a “digital version” of the book I have used in various editions for over five decades! I was a firm believer in the “reed ritual”, gathered my own bamboo sticks, and derived a wealth of meaning and experience from the guidance I received. I reached for a digital version at a time in my life where the intensity and speed of changing events in did not permit the luxury of doing the ritual properly… then the sticks decayed… what to do ? :)))) Finding your site, more importantly, reading your insightful and profound, but simple, interpretations has been SUCH a blessing! I can only express a tiny portion of my gratitude… it is vast… and now, post radical transformation, I am able not only to use it with joy and confidence, but better still, recommend it and help others to source their inner truth in an accessible and heart-friendly way. With much aloha, may the way continue to open before you and the path be graced with flowers."

"Thank you for your work. I ordered your I ching book 2 years ago to my post office in Senegal, it arrived safely and since then it is my everyday companion. It helps me navigate into my life, on personal and professional aspects. If I had to keep only one book it would be that one. Thank you! Your new website looks fantastic, I am sure it will help many."

"I just want to say, I have been using your I Ching interpretations for years now, and wow. Just wow. They have brought me so much clarity and peace. You have such a gift. THANK YOU. Thank you for your hard work, your diligence, your compassion. You have been such a blessing to me."

"My experience of your I Ching information is profound and I am left with a much deeper insight and understanding as to the workings of the I Ching because of your interpretation and application of the meanings of the hexagrams, the hidden and underlying causes that are nuanced in the presenting information. Thank you for an enlightening engagement with this very powerful knowledge system."

"I stumbled upon your I Ching page and I have been using it to do some readings and I am utterly impressed with your text! I am an avid I Ching user for over 25 years, practically on a daily basis. Lately I have been struggling with the deeper meaning of several hexagrams, and I searched for a new translation based on these struggles. I am shocked at how deeply profound, insightful and wise your translations are! The text you have written for these hexagrams strike DEEP into the heart of exactly what I have been struggling with! It is almost as if you were writing the interpretations specifically for me, it is uncanny! THANK YOU! You are a ray of light in this uncertain time in my life!!!!"

"I can’t tell you what an important spiritual teacher you have been to me and continue to be, alongside ol’ Wilhelm and Jung and Watts. I cast coins or use a random number generator to read the I Ching, and lately I read your interpretation first and the Wilhelm translation second as a reference or second perspective, and that is strictly because the words you write feel sometimes as if they could’ve been copied of the pages of my soul. That reminds me, every time, that it’s our soul. That we are building up to something that involves all of us, in harmony. Every string of the harp plucked at the right time."

"Thanks so much for your great work and the wisdom that you are bringing to the world! I crossed my path with I-Ching a few months ago and got immediately fascinated by it, but it would not have been the same without finding your web and your amazing interpretations of the hexagrams.. nothing to do of the other stuff that I found out there."

"There are countless translations and interpretations of the I Ching, and Kari's are some of the best I've ever found! I'd been throwing the coins for decades..and I always consulted 4 different sources for my throws. And then, a few years ago, I happened to look online for another source, and I stumbled upon Kari's site...and man oh man! I WILL say--her Taoist approach REALLY was key because some people who interpret I Ching will be like, "Danger! Danger!" or "You really blew it. There's no fixing this now!" Kari was NEVER Doomsday-ish in her interpretations... she NEVER conveyed: 'Too bad. You blew it. ' And she's SO good with her language! SO wise and poetic and encouraging, with brilliant sidebars, referencing Kaballah and Jung and Rumi...on and on. Have a look!"


"What you do is truly amazing! As to the value of your services, I am so impressed with what you do, I have highly recommended you to my therapist for any of his clients interested in doing online dreamwork."

"It really does amaze me to see how this dream work operates on the inside and the outside, with all the different layers. After doing all this work, I feel that my destiny is even greater than I’ve ever imagined."

"I feel extremely grateful to have found you as a teacher and guide. And I find the work very rewarding and profound. There's such a richness to it and I look forward to my dreams nightly and in the morning. And then I look forward to your interpretations which are also so rich and healing."

"Thanks to my work with you I have been able to consistently implement some new and exciting paradigms. I can see now where healing may be possible in a way that I did not previously understand. I always wondered if the would be possible for me eventually. That is what seems to be happening now. I have tapped into a source of grace that had previously been sporadic or cut off."

"I wanted to thank you for your guidance. Your support was a pivotal part that helped me to have confidence in my life once again. It took a lot of work on my part, but I cannot deny that you were most effective, and life-affirming. I have achieved many of my objectives, and discovered more potential than I ever thought possible. I have made progress in my sense of self and career that I consider to be modestly monumental, because I am actually pursuing my creative dreams, instead of forcing myself through a rut."

"I've had many aha learnings from doing this work, but probably the most impactful was recognizing all of the guilt that I had from childhood. I've never realized that. I looked at how that guilt overlays a lot of my decisions and most importantly how I feel when I make decisions. This was really quite profound. You are an incredible interpreter."

My work has allowed me to understand how experiential reality is organized in a similar way to how dreams mirror the condition of the inner world. Whether through dream interpretation, or how an oracle can provide an objective snapshot of how to approach difficulty, I teach others how to remove the illusion that anything stands between them and the ability to create a joyful existence.

"I don't even know where to start, I'm excited to start working with you again. You have been so present in my life lately. What we worked on last year has come to make sense beyond what I could ever imagine. I feel really lucky and grateful for that."

I offer one on one sessions guided by dreams or the I Ching to teach a Taoist perspective of peace and contentment. These sessions are catered to the unique needs of the individual.

Clients often wonder why they are having the same dream or reach out to me because of an unsettling nightmare. I show them how nightmares are actually a positive sign that power is 'quaking' in the psyche. Discovering how to access their inner wisdom, clients also awaken to synchronicity. Intention is already manifesting. The question is: what is your intention?

"I am really amazed, it really is mind blowing all that can happen to someone like me by working on dreams with you for 3 weeks. I´d love to learn more from you. I deeply appreciate all you have done and how. I love the strange combination of your calming heart/piercing intelligence."

Like nightmares, life too, can become conflicted. It is actually an opportunity to break through what is keeping you from authenticity. I am an interpreter of the metaphorical language of the psyche and the ancient symbols that allow us to access it. Dreams speak in symbols and I guide the dreamer toward a necessary breakthrough. Like dreams, I interpret an astrology chart as the same organization of energy that describes the lifepath, gifts and challenges.

"I would like to thank you for having been my guide through this. This was too big for me to do on my own, without your help I would have continued going in circles for centuries to come, repeating a pattern and calling it with another name and thinking it was new when it wasn't. You have pulled me out of the circles and have showed me there is a deeper and more creative way of looking at my life. Creative because it creates, it regenerates, it grows from within. Thanks for having been with me; every week I awaited your responses like " water of May", it is an Spanish saying which means waiting in hope for something very necessary and favorable for your development to come (if it rains in May the harvest will be good). We have sowed the seeds, we'll get the harvest when the fruits are ready. "

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to share my wisdom with so many people from so many different cultures. Many of my clients are also therapists and healers and are able to gain additional skills in working with their own clients.

"I just want to thank you ... Your I Ching pages are amongst the loveliest I've seen online. The care you've given to understanding each hexagram ... the illustrations, quotes ... your understanding of the changing lines ... It's a treasure. I've been a student of this oracle since 1981 and am always on the lookout for a fresh, unique perspective ... and here is one. I'm going to link your site with my blog, The Quoteable I Ching. All respect and thanks to you."

"I really enjoy Cafe au Soul - I use the tarot reading function often, and the thing I love most is the quality, depth and wisdom of the interpretations of each card, which has really helped my own tarot readings. I've been reading tarot (mostly just for myself) for about 20 years but it's only since using it in conjunction with your website that i've really reached a point where I'm often able to interpret the cards just by looking at them - so the site is very much a learning tool for me. I also dip into the iching section of your site now and then and find your write-ups on the meanings the best I've come across on the internet- so I wanted to give something back as a thank you!"

"Thank you so much for that powerful interpretation – I like the methodical way you unpack each significant fact in the dream as you go along."

"Thank YOU Kari for this short but eye-opening opportunity. I am shocked at what such as short course has opened up in me and what it has revealed to me about my life. Valuable work which led to real breakthroughs. It has pushed me to make changes, to be more honest with myself about my shortcomings and the way I follow through/or not, with things, with my dreams. Does life the way I presently live it serve me well, is it sustainable, does it provide gratification? No. It is time draw on my courage, grow up, and know for a fact that the vulnerable, broken little girl is cared for, loved and protected by a strong, capable, resourceful woman."

"I'm amazed at the issues I was able to work through with the help of my dreams. You are brutally honest and to the point in drawing the issues out of me, but your techniques work! Thank you."

My coaching work and leadership training has inspired books and apps that tap our global wisdom and how ancient wisdom and nature can teach us about success. Actual dreamwork with clients has led to my research in how dreams cultivate clarity and self-direction. Nature is my muse and teacher.

"One of the most valuable things that I am taking away from this experience is a greater appreciation of the synchronicities in life. Through this work, I’ve really gained an objective view of how my mind has constructed my reality."

"This is extremely insightful. I have had tremendous breakthroughs - thank you!"

"His album is incredible and soooo inspiring... and I often smile when I find the connections with your work since that´s exactly what you did with all of us and his album is one of many gems that will come out."

Unlike most dream therapists, my psychology background blends the ideas of both Freud and Jung with Taoist principles. Freud's work on understanding condensation is brilliant and Jung expanded our understanding of the unconscious as a path of individuation. Taoism is the practice of observing how nature can teach us about the human journey. All of my interpretative oracles combine the wisdom of these great teachers.

"You offered guidance in a way I have never experienced. You never gave me an answer or solution but inspired me to see the process through on my own, to develop self-direction."

"You have an amazing way of anticipating needs, providing the groundwork and direction without leading. I cannot thank you enough for your service."

My leadership programs are inspired by nature to drive growth and profitability. I use business principles to help non profit environmental organizations thrive. "To lead others toward growth one must be willing to grow themselves." Many of my clients are business leaders who have a strong desire to overcome self limiting ideas through this work. Taoism was actually a philosophy for leaders.

"Helpful is an UNDERSTATEMENT. This process has been completely transforming and powerful!"

"Kari today I was walking in a city and I thought about you, how grateful I feel for having met you, and I wondered how have I been so lucky .. my gratitude to you is infinite, it goes beyond words of gratitude, I wish I had the words, but I do not have them, it was a thought that encompasses all this and beyond."

"I wanted to just tell you how much happier I am now than I have been in a long, long time. So much of that is due to your coaching and dreamwork. Thanks for helping me through a very difficult time."

"Wow – you have led me step by step to understand this for myself. You are a GREAT TEACHER Kari. I admire and salute you. I like to actually understand things for myself rather than just accept because someone said so, because in the latter case I am not convinced. And you do that perfectly for me."

I teach students how to recognize and release any boundaries that separate thought processes from the seamless unity and purposefulness of what they experience. Taoism is a discipline that cultivates inner direction by removing boundaries, which leads to a better understanding of the pathway. Carl Jung called this connection synchronicity. It is always active - I teach people how to awaken into it.

“I love your teaching. You are direct and approachable. Your mindset is clarity. Your thought is all Tao! You are not afraid to discipline nor to give a hug. You are a professional.”

"I'm always amazed at your ability to 'read' me accurately. Your emails always bring a big smile to my face, no matter how jarring the truth. It always seems like "I knew this about myself", but having someone like you spell it out seems like the push I need. I admire your gift and I'm so glad I found you to guide me through this."

"I'm impressed. You do seem to pick up on things about me and my life that it would be impossible for you to know or even have a feeling about after such a short time working together. You obviously have a gift and you are sharing it generously, ...and kindly and encouragingly. Thanks again!"

"To have someone use my own words and put questions back to me in regards to them…WOW…that is some of the clearest insights I have had into myself."

"You are an inspiration and a gift to me. Thank you."

"What you do is really impressive! And kind and helpful."

"Having this connection to my inner wisdom has made such a huge impact on how I view and feel about EVERYTHING!"

Coaching Many Years Later: "Hi Kari, we did dream work together back in 2010…it’s been a while! Since then, I’ve referred back to the work we did together frequently, but it’s been especially helpful the past couple months. I’ve really been tested to apply this work into real-life action. Even though it seems so obvious now, it wasn’t until I looked back on this work that I was reminded to be present of this concept. Part of me wanted to escape the situation to free myself of it, but looking back at the lessons I learned during that time really empowered me to act. The result was a transformed situation and also a transformation within myself that can never be undone! It’s interesting to see the challenges I hadn’t fully grasped continually repeating themselves in my life. They’re just begging to be understood! The good thing is that these themes have stayed consistent, so I always have known exactly what I need to focus on. I'm very excited about where I am right now and where I'm headed. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you. The dream work we did together has proven to be one of the most valuable things I have ever done in my life."

Healing Practitioner Training: "We are continents apart, cultures apart and lifestyles apart. But every time I think of you dear Kari (which is extremely often), I feel a deep sense of sacredness and connectedness. This is the best I can convey my feelings in words. I know you understand. Every time I explore a concept, the first person I wish to discuss it with is you, to bounce off ideas and thoughts and feelings. So you can imagine how often you are on my mind."

"I would have never even imagined the possibility of doing coaching if it wasn't because "destiny" made us coincide. Thank you so much for so much inspiration. I'm so happy that I might help others as you helped me change my perspective. Know that the ripples of your good work continue to reverberate, just as if the stone was louder than this Earth and the pond an endless mystery. Much love to you my master!"

"Kari, I have learned a lot from you. I am grateful to have you as my mentor and guide. Working with you has opened up a whole new world for me."

Yin Yang Yoga "dedicated to my Master Teacher Kari Hohne, without whom turning back would have been impossible. Kari has taught me to move from a still centre, to honour my path and the path of every human being and to embrace reality as a continuum of change and I have never taken a yoga class with her."

Additional Reviews

"Your I Ching readings and sensitive interpretations are often numinously apt, nuanced, and so suffused with many levels of meaning that yours is the text (and app) I go to above the many, many others that I have. I've often wanted to write to thank you for the gift of your wisdom - and now with even greater reason. Hex54 was the Relating hexagram - As if I needed confirmation that you invariably drive to the heart of the question, the woodcarver quote came up, and now your explanation of the Dao. He was not only a woodcarver, almost all his work were of the Daoist pantheon for the temples here in Malaysia. Your explanation brought tears of recognition-realisation - too deep for words. I'm still working to understand. I'm very grateful."

"It’s unusual that I would feel the need to write, so in that lies the true compliment. However, I write to say thank you, sincerely for a wonderful telling of the I Ching. I have used the I Ching as a regular guide throughout my life, having been introduced to it as a boy. More recently I have used several online examples, having used several different translations over the years. I have found your expression to be among the best I have used. The original text is smoothly integrated into the further interpretation in a way I find complete yet without the far away, disconnected experience I have sometimes felt from more arcane examples. Thank you for adding clarity and making this wonderful tool available to all."

"Hi Kari, I found your website so randomly and now... it's like an angel in my life. Firstly, you are a great writer - so visual, metaphorical and precise at the same time. You are so talented. And the wisdom... it's beautiful, challenging and reassuring. Thank you! I must now look for your books."

"As a student of the I Ching for many years, I want to say that I really appreciate your translations of the oracle - they are refreshing, rooted in ancient wisdom yet echoing the contemporary."

"I just wanted to tell you that your site is my favorite interpretations of the iching; they speak to me most readily and easily and help me understand my reading."

"I am a Chinese, so I must tell you for a foreigner, your iching interpretation is the best and one of the easiest to understand."

"I'd like to send you my compliment for your excellent interpretation of I Ching. I 've been practicing it since 1980 and did not find any good version of interpretation as yours. I really appreciate your website and service."

"I need you to know that I have been consulting Iching for over 30 years. I have collected yarrow and had a relationship with it that is truly the only true and consistent oracle through the years. I want you to know that your iching is the ONLY one I will consult online and has brought me to tears and through my life as a friend and confidante. Your interpretation is impeccable and so heartfelt and well thought out it’s almost unbelievable that anyone could have such a keen and sensitive also intelligent relationship with finer weaving of each trigram. I truly honor your vision and am so grateful for you. Thank you so much Kari"

"Cafeausoul is one of the most beautiful I Ching websites out there !!! Your writing is pure magic!"

"I love your thoughtful and insightful interpretations of the I Ching. I've been a dyed in the wool Wilhelm/Baynes/Jung devotee but coming upon your site, I've grown a newfound respect and hearkening to your words. Thank you."

"Best site EVER! It amazes me that you have incorporated technology and brought forth a tool that I experience as intuitive."

"Just found your site, I'm absolutely in LOVE with your creations!!! Thank you for being so bright and sharing your gifts with the world! Blessings of health and happiness to you!"

"As a psychotherapist and student of various editions of the I Ching for over 40 years, I am impressed by the spiritual and psychological beauty of your interpretations of the hexagram."

"I just wanted to write to you and thank you for your contributions through ‘CafeauSoul’. I frequently draw my I-Ching readings from your page. I was just now reading your interpretation of Hexagram 64 and felt moved to share my appreciation for your work of love, and the reverence you share for this mystical oracle. You certainly carry the power to translate and your writing is very kind and encouraging. The I-Ching I’m sure is pleased with your work. Greatest of blessings to you Kari."

"I want to let you know how much I am inspired by, amazed by, and admire your site. I found it just this summer (June/2017) and it as offered so many incredible insights and thoughts. Thank you for integrating these divination tools so thoughtfully and wisely. It has become my one-stop online source. I hope you are here for a very long time to come. You are an inspiration, and I am encouraged to learn more from you."

"I have owned a large paper copy of the I Ching for decades & many have purchased it due to my recommendation. However, I decided to search for a site I liked online. Your site is wonderful, user friendly and very revealing. Thank you so much."

"I was introduced to the I Ching when I was 16 maybe. I've been having super interesting "conversations" with the Oracle since. I'm 41 now, and going through a major relationship issue in my life. Again :). These conversations have helped me a lot. And your insights both on the general meaning of the hexagram and line by line have been LUMINOUS and of great, great help. I am very grateful for this and wanted to share it! "

"I found this lovely site this morning. I love your connecting 44 with the Shadow, both I'm familiar with yet have not, in 50 years with the Yijing, have made a direct correlation to. Very help at this time. 44-33 was my reading, and as always, is relatable and accurate. Thank you for your additional insight."

"I can't thank you enough for creating Cafe Au Soul, Iching..It has helped me cope with many of my adversities. It has kept me centered and pure with all of my intentions. There are no words to express my sense of gratefulness I have toward you and the people who have contributed to Cafe Au Soul. My heart is beaming with love, joy and gratitude!"

"Hello! not often i come to this site after i threw an I Ching Hexagram to know more about it; but everytime i'm amazed about the text that i get to read here!! how do you know all this?! who writes this?! are these words to each Hexagram of someone's personal experiences or is the text out of an I Ching book?! anyway, i'm just in such a deep awe right now, i just had to let someone know! greetings from the foggy Vienna/Austria on the very first evening in this new year of 2017."

"I was consulting your I ching hexagram page today, thought of you and wanted to take advantage to wish you a marvelous 2017. And again I would like to thank you for the hexagram explanations; they have been a steady and very helpful guide this past year and will be this new year too. A big thank you, many blessings."

"I had 4 I ching books. Studied Master Ni. Spent a month in Henan Province w Shaolin monks. Was an excellent tail chi exponent but after reading your interpretations I realized I knew nothing. God bless you brother! How can I learn from you? Your work has borne more fruit than you'll ever know. Thanks!"

"I must say ...I am, and have been, so impressed and so enraptured by your writings on the ICHing , your translations of the lines ...your achingly beautiful hexagram descriptions... I have spent hours on your site literally. It must have taken you years to put it all together, write it all down...and no doubt many years of studying the Yi? Well done!!! I have been a student of and conversationalist with the I Ching for many many years as well. Always refreshing to find a new source of translations and exploration. Thank you for what you provide here on the site. I am sure I am one of many who appreciate it."

"As a Consultant Psychiatrist, I am impressed by your emphasizing of the Taoist aspects of the I Ching which enables the questioner to relax and surrender to the flow whilst also looking inside themselves, thus expanding their consciousness and creating a more harmonious balance between the inner and the outer world. This has the effect of facilitating personal development more than other editions of the I Ching I have used. Interpreted this way the I Ching points the way to a subtle interweaving of personal development with its oracular function."

Books - Amazon Reviews

"As a university graduate of South East Asian Areas Study China I'm familiar with many of its arguments and academics, (the mechanics of this discipline). Not the living legacy. Poetry of Nature is not that kind of read, thankfully, it does though provide a perfect antidote for occasional scholastic indigestion and overload. P.O.N. doesn't disappoint. It’s as simple as Lau Tzu intended, Ms. Hohne gets that! hitting the right tone with this work." (45 year Tai Chi Instructor)

"Amazon UK: "This is simply the best translation I have come across having studied the I ching for the last 15 years. Finally it clicks!"

"Inspiring Translation. There is a cadence and minimalist approach to this translation that really makes the meaning of this book very recognizable. Other translations remain obscure but this one doesn't. I discovered it because it is often quoted on the internet...contrasted against other interpretations and celebrated for its poetic and Zen like simplicity."

"In 30 years of studying iching this is the most comprehensive insightful set of interpretations I have ever seen I have ordered extra for friends this will be my main reference it's worth having."

"I'm fascinated by myths and dreams so this book was a real treat for me to read. The author of Mythology of Sleep uses myths from around the world to explore the common Symbolism and storylines and the result is totally amazing insightful and revolutionary. This is an extremely thorough book about dream interpretation that uses actual examples to lead the dreamer to understand the nature of their dreams and the thematic content that is explored whilst we dream. If you are after a comprehensive understanding of dream analysis and want to understand the psychology of dreaming and learn techniques for personal use this book would be highly valuable. It would also be very useful for anyone interested in alternative healing such as therapists and healers who like to incorporate dream work into their practice. It's written in a manner that the average reader can understand and overall the most comprehensive book on dream interpretation I've ever experienced so I give it the full 5 Stars."

Dream Interpretation: "Thank you so much. I really appreciate this interpretation. It sounds spot on and I'll journal around the insights today. I feel like I'm being called forth to follow my heart and just trying to figure out how this all integrates with my life and passions. Again, thank you very much. You offer an incredible service."

"Thank you sooo much for your interpretation!!! it is amazing and has had such a huge effect. I feel fortunate to have come across your site and very grateful for this connection."

"WOW. WOW. WOW. Thank you so much. This really helps. You may not really be concerned about being right but you are so right. This work is amazing. THANK YOU. This is truly a gift."

"I have tears in my eyes as I type this. Yes, it has been overwhelming and I am grateful that you are my guiding force. I couldn't have done this without you Kari. Thank you."

"Thank you for your response. It is a strange feeling to read your interpretations as when I read them they speak the truth and it is comforting to understand a possible meaning of my dreams as it brings out my various emotions in a healthy way. Your interpretation has helped me understand myself at this present moment and guidance on how to deal with what I am going through."

"Thank you again for how much our dream work has helped me. I don't think I would be where I am right now if it were not for all the insight I've gained through your dream interpretations. I still look them over on a regular basis and there is always a message that I didn't see before. Hope you are doing well and can't wait for the dream workshop!"

"Thank you so much. Your perspective has helped me immensely in gaining clarity on what I need to do to move forward with all areas of my life. It's like a million light bulbs turning on at once. Thank you so much for your wisdom. You are truly an amazing guide and healer. I'm glad your life took the path it did - your love is shining through it. Best wishes with all your work. I will send others your way... "

"Wow... As I read through this interpretation I felt so many emotions, a stirring if you will from the inside. Almost tearing up. Thank you sooo much! Thank you for sharing this beautiful interpretation. It all makes sense and you hit the nail on the head with this issue being one of my core fears. I got your Iphone App which is awesome!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I don’t think words can quite explain how grateful I am to have had you throughout this process. I remembered reading that when you are ready for your guide, they will appear and that is most definitely what happened. I felt completely comfortable and supported the whole time, even when the things got a little overwhelming. When I first visited your website, all of the information on it seemed to be spelling things out for me in exactly the way that I needed them to be. It all just clicked. Then when I had my first dream interpreted, you very clearly described everything I was feeling to a tee."

"Your breadth of knowledge and understanding of things on all different levels is amazing. Throughout this process, there was never a time when I thought that you weren’t getting something that I was saying. It is sometimes difficult to capture a dream image into words or explain a feeling you get from a dream, but you always understood everything exactly as I was trying to say it. I felt completely comfortable sharing every detail with you because I knew that you would know exactly what I was talking about and how it all fits into the bigger picture."

"I really liked how you worked with me at my level, but still helped me to expand beyond what I knew (or thought I knew). To think of the mindset I had a month ago to the one I have today is almost like night and day. The goals I set for myself in the first week have all been accomplished, and I truly had no idea how that would be possible in the beginning. It almost feels as if I’ve been renewed on the inside; I am now looking at my situation with a new set of eyes with a sense of hope and optimism."

"My eyes are tearing and I've been laughing and smiling throughout as I read your responses. Your loving guidance, compassion, sense of humor and lightness of being all come right off the "page"/screen and embrace me. Something is getting through even though my thick defenses--I feel happy and light and humor as I read. The symbolism is quite fascinating. You transmit so much in your responses. Thank you."

Astrology: "Every time I look back at the charts you did for my children when they were born, I am blown away. The accuracy of the readings is beyond belief and I have much more respect for astrology after working with you. Thank you. It has been invaluable."

"Thank you Kari! It was powerful and much needed. I will continue to relisten and reread - there is so much useful info to absorb. Grateful beyond words."

"Such high and fine work. With gratitude to your Service."

"I do recommend the family reading to anyone who would like to understand the evolutionary journey of the family. The way you described each of us is spot on! Thank you."

"The work with you astrologically has brought in an important overview that’s proven immensely illuminating to my daily life. So grateful for that work and the books you’ve written. They spring from such a deep well!" ​​​​​

"I wanted to just tell you that after that reading back in 2012, I did follow my passion for animals. I am grateful and never looked back."

"I love the way you make astrology accessible and practical. I also like how you interpret challenges in a way that I was able to work through them. Thank you."

"What I would say about astrology is this: I don't know how it works but it does. I am so excited to have had a reading with you. It is like an affirmation. Love and light."