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The most common reason people don't work with their dreams is because the have difficulty remembering them. We tend to want to look at the dream literally when it is a symbolic mirror of what is happening in our inner world.

Dreaming of a familiar house with unknown rooms can mirror how our paradigm is changing. Transportation symbols reveal how we are currently applying our motivation to move forward. Even other people appearing in our dreams can represent aspects we are exploring that we associate with them. Consider the adjective you would use to describe the person to understand why they have made an appearance in your dream.

The following tips can improve dream recall and assist you in remembering your dreams:

  • Keep a journal and pen next to your bed so that you can easily write down your dream upon waking.
  • Don't analyze the dream before writing it down. Waking up moves you away from the way the sleeping psyche freely explores images. The minute you start analyzing, you activate the more logical and ego-oriented side of the brain. Ego and its desire to repress content is the reason we dream. This side of the mind is inactive while dreaming.
  • It isn't important to remember the entire dream - but try to hold to at least one symbol. Once you write the symbol down, the rest of the dream will generally unfold.
  • If you have difficulty remembering the dream, consider how the dream made you feel. Try to return to that feeling to see if the dream will resurface.
  • Before sleep, make a conscious effort to ask for a dream that can provide guidance.

Remember that you dream about what you are not facing by day. The dream will be the opposite of what you believe about yourself. The content that you think is most bizarre is actually the most important clue to what a dream is saying to you. Consider the time of day, the placement and perspective of dream symbols and even the landscape. All of these aspects will provide clues and you can use the dream dictionary to explore the symbols.

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