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Whether apps, online coaching and courses, books, or music, explore our many products below. Would you like to learn more about how your dreams guide you toward success? Explore nature's wisdom, Taoism and the more ancient roots of Astrology and Tarot. Our award winning music is inspired by shaman drumming and blended into modern arrangements, perfect for yoga, chakra awakening and exercise. Our books, courses and online coaching offer a wealth of insight to help you tap your fullest potential.

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Astrology Readings

Get a live, comprehensive one-hour life path reading with a professional astrologer. Or you can choose from our many astrology reports. Discover what your birth chart reveals about you.

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Nature is A Guru Online Courses

Nature supports success at all levels, and in everything it creates. Life’s abundance is real. Change your paradigm, and learn how to connect with its flow. This course includes questions, exercises and lifepath worksheet. Learn about dreams and activate your fullest potential!