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Radio God

Radio god by get tribal album cover artwork

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Ancient Rhythms ~ Modern Beats ~ Soulful and Invigorating

Nominated for Best Chill Groove Album ZMR 2015

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“What makes it all so special is that it takes the old and mixes it with the new in a distinct musical fashion. This kind of mix is what makes..the entire recording a true musical adventure.” Rating 5 stars Excellent Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

"A clarion call to plunge into action and plague the world with positivism" Vivek Kumar

“One of the best fusions of world/New Age/cosmic music that I’ve heard over my many years of reviewing music. I give it a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99.” Dick Metcalf, Rotcod Zzaj

Radio God Album Cover and Kari Hohne

Radio God

KVED radio god cover

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by Get Tribal

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"While there are many new age and world music albums, few combine the earthy percussive and world instrumental elements with the ambient atmosphere, and healing intent of new age music. "Radio God" is an alchemical blend of diverse rhythms and uplifting grooves, exploring a fusion of sound that is sensual, soul invigorating, and sure to get you moving. I think what impresses me the most about the motivation of Get Tribal is it’s inclusiveness and the idea of crossing boundaries." Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

Our inspiration: What if all sound waves traveled into space and returned woven together in spiritually uplifting ways? What would the fusion of music without perspective of time, place or genre sound like? And just as yoga has a way of placing the body in submission to the spirit, what if we used shamanic and Kirtan style drumming to place the body in obedient alignment, while musically allowing Spirit to dance?

White bird in flight across sky with sun and clouds

Click above image to stream 2 RUAH: Breathe

Radio God is a surreal revival of world spiritual music arranged with ethnic rhythms, modern beats and infused with radio nostalgia. As a follow up to our acclaimed album God of Drum, we offer another cross-culturally vibrant and energetic mix of ethnic styles and transcendental percussion in a musically diverse tapestry of inspirational sound.

Mastered by Lurssen Mastering in Hollywood, we were looking for an old timey radio landscape similar to their mastering work on Oh Brother Where Art Thou. The outcome was a funky, cinematic, sexy, chill vibe that places percussion in the center with spiritual sounds that will groove you.

Named like radio call letters representing transcendental stations of awareness, we blended music from diverse cultures with elements reminiscent of old television and radio. In a fusion of ethnic styles, we present ancient and modern beats that are fresh, sensual and energizing! Our music will open you up to meditative vistas that cross all boundaries. Perfect for yoga, dance, exercise or just chilling on a long ride. Enjoy!

Track Information

1. GUIP: Sunrise

2. RUAH: Breathe

3. BEJA: Elegant Flow

4. TABA: Out of the Underworld

5. RADIO GOD: Into the Outerworld

6. KEOK: The Gift of Fire

7. ADON: Across the Sea

8. ANKH: Dancing Desert

9. KSHEN: Remove the Red Dust

10 KVED: At One in the World

The Inspiration Behind Each Track

view from inside yellow tent with poles and lights

TRACK 1 GUIP: Sunrise. (Eastern European Gypsy folk blended with Southern Baptist Revival music) The GUIP channel of Radio God is set with the intention of the Eastern Orthodox Morning Prayer“I lift up my eyes to the mountaintop. From where comes my help? The sun shall not burn by day, nor the moon by night.” GUIP: Sunrise sets the pace for a journey of percussion and revival sounds that will awaken Spirit and enhance yoga and exercise. Mellowtron strings create a retro sound evocative of 1930’s traveling revival tents. Composed with strings, synth pads and a mix of percussion, you can pack your wagon and meet each day without expectation and with complete faith. This track is sure to get your arms waving and ready to receive!

Bird above in flight with sky and clouds and wings spread

TRACK 2 RUAH: Breathe. (Hebrew chant set in an MGM bible movie soundtrack tapestry) Inspired by the prayer: Shema Yisrael "Sh'ma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Eḥad"“Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one." The texture of this beautiful Hebrew chant comes alive within a dramatic orchestration of legato strings, piano and orchestral percussion, reminiscent of 1950’s MGM Bible movie soundtracks. On the RUAH channel we learn the importance of breathing and it is the breath of life that connects us to Spirit (a word derived from the ancient word for breath). When life presents challenges, just breathe. Spirit understands what the mind cannot conceive. If you enjoyed Donnar from God of Drum - you will love the cinematic energy of RUAH. Why do we pray to the Creator with such adoration? The Shema Yisrael prayer is similar to the So Purkh chant in that it reminds us that when we meditate purely on the greatness of God, our souls find comfort in this world. In that way, RUAH has the intention of renewing Faith.

mars and venus in grainy black and white sky

TRACK 3 BEJA: Elegant Flow. (Baroque style composition blended with easy listening 70’s music) The music of the BEJA channel is inspired by the Baroque Canon: “Lo, thou wouldst the truth be given, All the hidden gifts of wisdom thou thyself to me revealed.” Mixing the emotional elements of 70’s music with a contrapuntal/counterpoint Baroque style, both entertain the full range of human emotions. Beja: Elegant Flow engages the spirit in this Canon style musical composition of elegant strings, electric sitar, piano and ethnic drums. The hidden jewel within the challenges we face is always a lesson about going with the flow. The BEJA channel lifts the emotions until the joy that is knocking inside finally opens the door.

Face in sand with hieroglyphics

TRACK 4 TABA: Out of the Underworld. (Musical influences of ancient Mesopotamia mixed with dholak percussion and elements of 1960’s spy cinema soundtracks.) The TABA transcendental channel reminds us that everything is a reflection of us and this track has the intention of leading us through the underworld realm of the Shadow. It was inspired by the image of Imhotep's face coming out of the sand in the movie: Mummy. The diversity of percussion on this track makes it great for Asanas or holding yoga postures because of the relentless and systematic percussion movements. Through individuation, we travel to the 'underworld' where spirit and ego are symbolically married or merged. Inspired by the oldest work of literature, the Epic of GilgameshDay was dawning, the horizon brightening, birds were singing in chorus to the dawn, as the Sun God came forth from his chamber. In those days after destinies were determined, when the land flowed with abundance, when An had made off with the heavens, Enlil had made off with the earth, and he had given the Netherworld to Ereshkigal as a dowry-gift.”

windows on exterior white building

TRACK 5 RADIO GOD: Into the Outerworld. What is the music we have made with our industrial sounds and telecommunication signals? What is the sound of the void we seek to transcend when looking for our reflection in the face of the One? Radio God embodies the call and response to the Source mixing industrial, orchestral, and ethnic elements that bridge the past and future in a contemplative and deeply moving arrangement. Because of the interesting way it counts out rhythmically, it is a great track for deep meditation or repetitive yoga postures like "the Jaguar". This track explores meditative space and embodies the Creator in the industrial low brass breathing, telegraph urgency, stark piano and is infused with modern rhythmic elements.

child walking in front of old house in grainy picture

TRACK 6 KEOK: The Gift of Fire. What would the world be like today had we respected the wisdom of the natives where musical instruments replaced weapons? Various Native American chants are woven together with flute rounds and accompanied by Celtic snares and ethnic rattles. The KEOK channel is inspired by the Native American prayer: O Loa Ki Lee: “To take the fire and illuminate it for others is the talent of the gifted ones. Open to the inspired flow of creation and shine this inner light for others. Peace outside begins with peace inside. Draw others with enthusiasm and radiate the qualities you’d like to see in others. Great Spirit let me walk in balance today. Remove resentment, self pity and self seeking. Let me love myself so I can love my neighbors.” It reaches a crescendo in the Native American Song of the Sun. The whirling circus synthesizer in this track embodies the Shamanic Ayahuasca journey. Like Wakinyan from God of Drum, this track ignites the fire of the Root Chakra, while the Celtic rounds stimulate the Heart Chakra in a spiritually energizing mix similar to Taranis of God of Drum. When the heart is rooted, unconditional love and acceptance can flow.

People rejoicing in haze

TRACK 7 ADON: Across the Sea. (Dreamy island music of Hawaii, surf guitar mixed into a 1940’s Cuban band landscape with harp accents in the style of I Love Lucy) Inspired by the simple but beautiful Hawaiian mantra Ho'oponopono: “Please forgive me. I'm so sorry. I love you. Thank you,” the ADON channel is centered on letting go and there is no other more beautiful mantra than Ho'oponopono to achieve forgiveness. Ethnic lute, harp, electric guitar, synth choir effects, frame drum and ethnic percussion create a 1940’s Beachcomber sound that is ultra chill. Forgiveness is not something we give to others, but something we give to ourselves. Letting go of resentments and anger is easy as you flow into the dreamy, whirling and playful harp elements of this track.

People dancing in old grainy blurry picture

TRACK 8 ANKH: Dancing Desert. (We mix of Middle Eastern Dervish beat with nostalgia from 1980’s disco and action soundtracks because this track is all about the DANCE!) When the day is moving faster than our futile attempts at control the outcome ~ just dance! The hat of the Dervish represents the tombstone of the ego and the whirling skirt is the ego’s shroud. As the Dervish dances, Spirit achieves heightened states of awareness. The Dervish conveys God's spiritual gift to those who are witnessing the dance. Revolving from right to left around the heart, they embrace all humanity with love. "The human being has been created with love in order to love.." This track also includes retro elements of 1980’s disco and action films. A truly energizing retro blast from the past!

Ancient chinese percussion

TRACK 9 KSHEN: Remove the Red Dust. (A slow Zen walk through a landscape of Kirtan funk) RJ Lannan called this track "the exploits of a drunken Dragon." Traditional Chinese music inspired by Shaolin Kung Fu blends with the guitar of spaghetti westerns in this blues and funk mix of Asia meets the Wild West, reminiscent of the television show Kung Fu. The KSHEN channel is inspired by the Zen Buddhist Prayer: “May I never grow tired of saving all that is sentient wherever I happen to be. May I ever be masterful whether in the forest of spears, the mountain of swords, the boiling cauldron, or the heap of burning coals.” The ‘red dust’ in Taoism is the sense of washing ourselves clean each day from any residue of the prior day so we can meet each day with innocence. Minimalist but stark Chinese percussion winds through an ever changing soundscape true to the spirit of Zen but ultra funky and fun! I've also always loved the way Can't You Hear Me Knocking by the Rolling Stones and Santana create relaxed and winding atmospheres through the complex use of strings and this track explores many different vibes and landscapes. The Archie Bunker theme song ghosts a riff on this track as if KSHEN is poking fun at intolerance...That would certainly be a part of removing the red dust! KSHEN is like the fine wine of Kirtan funk.

Buddhist statue in distance with sunset

TRACK 10 KVED: At One in the World. (Eastern Indian Vedic chant combined with the call and response of traditional Reggae blues) Inspired by the Vedic chant Om Dum Durgayei Namaha: “Om (the sound of the universe) and salutations to the bestower of compassion, fearlessness and patience. May you bless me with your protection and love.” The KVED channel is all about blending sitar and guitar in mantra style movements. The delay bubbling effect on the guitar is reminiscent of Indra’s elaborate net of jewels where all of life is a reflection of the One. There is a bass Reggae riff toward the end that embodies concern, compassion and the unconditional love that when tapped can heal the world. A perfect track for Shavasana or reflection after yoga and exercise. Reviewer Keith 'Muzikman' Hannalek said this about KVED: "This track is like a teaser that pulls you in to immerse you in the entire presentation. The meaning of this music can have many however my own interpretation is that it brings you closer to mother earth, the spirit of the human soul and the heartbeat of mankind and how we come together when the music merges with our consciousness." Consistently #3 on Rate the Tracks.