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I ching

Li (Clarity)

I Ching Hexagram 30

Li (Clarity)

Action: Perceive

Hu Gua (hidden influence) 28 Critical Mass: Adjust

Zong Gua (underlying cause) 29 Abyss: Relinquish

When you can appreciate nature’s power to break through all barriers, you will discover that this same power is inside of you.

Life is a pure flame and we live by an invisible sun within us. – Thomas Browne

Reading at a Glance: Li is associated with enlightenment and nurturing the idea of serving clarity of purpose. The judgment says ‘care of a cow brings good fortune.’ Should you have the opportunity to care for a cow you learn about interdependency, a mindset of being docile, serving another, and the voluntary dependence you share with life. The more you feed the cow, the more the cow feeds you. If it stays healthy, you stay healthy thus ‘that which is bright rises twice.’ Li shows your interdependence with others in relationships and your interdependence with the Way. Life is what you make of it. Clarity and inspiration abound when receiving this hexagram and the greatest place to find this is by stepping out of your routine to observe nature. The plants would tell you how by sitting still you can follow your inner guidance and flower. The river would tell you to go with the flow. Animals might tell you not to make the hunt for nourishment so complicated, follow your instinct, use your senses and honor the blessing of your meal. Wherever you look, you will see poetry. Critical Mass as the influence has creative vision at its center. The Abysmal suggested a time of adjusting your paradigm, but now you must draw from your inner vision and align it with events. When life becomes complicated, you need only look for the inspiration that reminds you to follow that which keeps your inner light burning. What are you passionate about? Be that. A time of great creativity or a quantum leap of insight is emerging. Clarity teaches you that the only sign post you need can be found by aligning your inspiration to the path you walk. Li is the shining light of inspiration that marries your inner and outer world into Clarity. Dreams of transportation symbols teach us about our motivation. It is our motivation (conscious or unconscious) that drives us through life. "The relic from before birth enters the heart one day, be as careful as if you were holding a full vessel, be as gentle as if you were caressing an infant." There is some aspect of us that has been unchanging since birth - we need to make it our alter and cling to it. Neediness is how we misplace our sense of center.

Fire flame up close


the unchanging:

cling to



“The clinging means resting on something. When the waters of the Abysmal flow into the pit, we search for something to cling to." Li is the image of the Clinging Fire, formless except the essence of fuel that keeps it burning. When the changes are underway your only footing is the reference point of the Self. When it too, is undergoing transformation, you must find something more meaningful to cling to.

What emerges from any difficult transition is the discovery of that thing which will guide and support you when all else is taken away. This is like a light that is always burning in the darkness. Although events ‘out there’ orchestrate the changes, they merely lead you to cultivate a shift of awareness ‘in here.’

The master said: “The cultivation of the self consists in the rectification of the mind.” The rectification of the mind usually consists of letting barriers go. "That which is bright rises twice." Even the most difficult circumstances cultivate your inner fire in a way that allows you to shine more brightly ‘out there.’

After the Abysmal waters have receded, we often arrive at the suchness existing at every moment, without the need to look any further. You may discover: 'what is…is,' and stop fighting the very thing that shapes you and reveals your purpose. “Life is like a flowing river; identify its current to know contentment.”

When life is free to move spontaneously, a beautiful harmony can be observed. Obstruction only emerges because you may classify things in terms of good, bad, right or wrong, but the idea of obstruction is a man made illusion. Nature is blind to the idea of obstacles, except in the way that it tears them down. What you may call difficulty is the tearing away of what is blocking your inner light and movement.

The unnatural things that we build to obstruct life’s forward progress will never be a match for its enormous power to break them down. Even water will immediately break down the molecules of whatever substance comes into contact with it. Li is the expression in attitude and behavior of an openness that allows all things to keep moving forward. Whether it is removing the outworn, or building something new, nature is always productive.

This transformative power unleashes inner direction and awakens you to a powerful center that you can cling to.

The master said: “When the mind is like a mirror, it grasps nothing, refuses nothing, receives, but does not keep.” This is an important mindset during any difficulty. To approach the gateway, you can use mind as a portal or a prison. When you “unblock the openings” you can view a world bathed beneath the power of your inner light.


Is this me when I reach for you = or are we the same? Li unchanging can portray co-dependency or a type of cause and effect dynamic that keeps people together because of the intensity between them. This can be good in creative collaboration. In domestic situations, it can be uncomfortable although separating seems impossible. The synergy that is suggested by Li offers a message to make sure that your relationships are interdependent and not dependent. Fate or dharma brings us together. Interdependence is two whole individuals serving each other’s well being. Dependence means someone allows another to be responsible for their welfare, self image or self esteem which isn’t healthy. In looking at all aspects of your life: health, work and family, ensure that you find balance. Since Li focuses on what it is that keeps the fire burning in synergy and energy, you may be feeling uninspired or unmotivated. In unchanging form, you are coached to remember that behind all accomplishment and fulfillment is the synergy of motivation and reward. Creative fires can burn out of control and die altogether when you are not aligning intent with action. A sense of reward must follow action or your light will simply extinguish. Machines run on an energy source and we too, need passion and inspiration to keep our fire burning. Everything is unfolding exactly as it should to re-ignite your passion. As a static reading, you may be someone who is always inspired so cherish that gift. If you are not satisfied with the results achieved through your inspiration you may need to re-evaluate your motivation. If a wheel is set on fire, the energy makes it turn and it won’t stop until the fire burns itself out. Another may be looking for your encouragement or confirmation before proceeding.

Line 1:

The footprints run criss cross = if one is sincere, no blame. Changes to (56) Wanderer. It is normal to make mistakes when first trying to manifest your desire. Sometimes in looking back, it is hard to make sense of your footprints. What was it all about? There is no blame because you were sincere in your attempts. If the situation appears overwhelming, go back to your original intention. What is it that you wanted? If you can align your actions with the sincerity to follow through, you will succeed. The greatest gift of the Wanderer is knowing that the home is within and everywhere we go, there we are.

Line 2:

Yellow light of the sun = supreme good fortune. Changes to (14) Great Possessing. You are fully comprehending what needs to be done and you are inspired about doing it. This can be a new situation or a new outlook that comes from the desire to follow your inspiration. All lights are green to move ahead. Great Possessing reinforces the good energy at play in this situation.

Line 3:

When the sun sets, we beat pots and sing or bemoan old age = misfortune. Changes to (21) Biting Through. Worrying about the progression of time can make you feel old or late in terms of life stages. It is better to focus on the here and now and sing. You have the opportunity to view the glass as half full or half empty. While a period may be coming to an end make the most of it. If you would rather complain, that is your choice but not the best use of the time or talent.

Line 4:

It’s coming is sudden = as if it flames up, dies down to be forgotten. Changes to (22) Grace. There is a need to recognize the synergy of sustainability. You may feel that not taking vacations impresses your employer but it leads to burn out, not longevity. Relationships can burn hot and fast in the beginning with no substance to keep it going. Perhaps you are afraid of where love will lead you so you push it away when it appears. Inspiration can only be sustained if you don’t let it consume you. Grace brings something suddenly in a flash of inspiration. What you do to sustain this brilliant fire is up to you.

Line 5:

Tears in floods, sighing and lamenting = good fortune. Changes to (13) Fellowship. A real change of heart presents itself although this good fortune may come through suffering. You are reminded that suffering builds character and unleashes depth within you. The superfluous is kept in proper perspective because you have touched that place inside of original sincerity. You may have gone through difficulty but sometimes knowing what you don’t want or can’t have leads you to realize what you do want. When you are forced to defend something, you realize its importance. The good fortune that comes through a time of suffering is learning how to cultivate what you value so that you don’t take it for granted. This can lead to sustainable success.

Line 6:

The leader issues orders = eliminate those who do not serve the greater purpose. Changes to (55) Abundance. It is sometimes necessary to eliminate what is deficient or not serving you in order to achieve a state of Abundance. When others are influencing you in ways that bring you down, you might need to let them go, but it doesn’t mean they are bad people. However be sure to look at the good and bad aspects to see if discipline or making intentions clear might turn the situation around. The punishment may be too strict and you would suffer from judging in haste.

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