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I ching

Pi (Uniting)

I Ching Hexagram 8
Pi (Uniting)

Action: Unite

Hu Gua (hidden influence) 23 Split Apart: Regenerate

Zong Gua (underlying cause) 14 Great Possessing: Shine

When you merge the world in here with the world out there
your destiny is revealed.

We sleep, but the loom of life never stops and the pattern
which was weaving when the sun went down
is weaving when it comes up tomorrow. – Henry Ward Beecher

Reading at a Glance: Holding together or Uniting is something that plays out in the way we pursue and are pursued by others, but also how we find a sense of Union within. Where the previous hexagram Shih (Army) had to do with organizing the will around the collective, Pi places the focus more on uniting the diverse aspects of the individual, or unifying all aspects of the individual with others. When receiving this hexagram one is asked to seek the oracle again to explore whether one is truly ready to transcend egoistic aims. The underlying cause or opposite condition of Possession in Great Measure led you to a pinnacle but the hidden influence of Splitting Apart now focuses on Regeneration. This may call for a transcendental perspective in the spirit of serving others. The second reading should provide more detail about the nature of a partnership or union and where you stand in your growth. You cannot know the love of another until you discover self love. You are called to be unified with others, with life and most importantly with all aspects of who you are.

rivers and waterfall into large lake

Inner and outer

in seamless unity -



the mysterious mirror.

“Holding together means uniting.” When you are in a hurry, life moves quickly to slow you down; when you are angry, circumstances test your patience. "The way does not speak; it reveals by deeds and events.” Take a moment to observe how current events are mirroring the condition of your inner world. Tao brings people together propitiously in order to strengthen deficiencies or to soften excesses.

The master said: “Everything is destiny; all things are already complete in oneself,” we turn inward in order to bring our vision forward. Uniting brings together what appears to be separate so that you can discover your seamless unity with what unfolds around you.

Dreams can offer a profound source of inner guidance. They reveal the impact of experience upon your development through symbols that portray a picture of your inner world. How are these two ways of learning separate? You are changed by both experiences. Just as you evolve through actual experience and not by denying the world, you cannot deny or ignore inspiration rising within. “Even in sleep, you continue your practice.”

When you are trapped in a transformative process, inspiration rises, whether through dreams, intuition or events to reveal the ‘way through.’ Synchronicity is a word that describes this uniting process, where the inner and outer are drawn together in a way that reveals there is no separation between the two. The path of Tao leads you to tap your unique individuality (Te) while removing any sense of separateness from what transpires around you.

Therapists explore dreams to uncover symbols that can re-empower a client in crisis. Pi is the image of someone walking, who suddenly stops to become more observant. Bringing the inner and outer together, ‘ming’ is a word that describes your destiny in the sense of the path, but also how the pathway is leading you to self-actualize your destiny. Without accessing the inner guidance of dreams you may float aimlessly in the river of life.

Ming is the unified awareness achieved when me in here and that out there have no separation. To cultivate fulfillment in life, you must live it from the inside - out. Life doesn't happen to you; it happens because of you. Cherish how the pathway leads you to understand your inner world. At the same time, recognize the importance of how your beliefs shape your experiences. Uniting is a message about looking for this connection.

At the same time, Pi offers a message about uniting with others as a type of leader. So great is the possibility of leading others by example that you are asked to consult the oracle once more to examine your character. In relationship readings, Pi shows a natural pairing or the way two individuals fulfill their needs in the mirror of each other.


The mysterious mirror is without blemish = inquire again if your will is correct. Pi unchanging can be a message that you have the power to achieve what it is you want but warns: ‘be careful what you wish for.” If you are asking a question about achieving union with another, the message throws the question back in terms of finding and standing firm in where you belong without forcing others into unnatural associations. Union flows because of timing and correct action. If you are in limbo, others will respond with the same lack of commitment. How can union be achieved if you are a moving target? As a static hexagram it is important to consult the oracle once more to understand your motivation and the current condition of your will. You might discover aspects at play that you hadn’t considered.

Line 1:

Trusting relationships = express your truth like a full earthen bowl. Changes to (3) Difficult Beginnings. In order to love another, it is important to love yourself. All relationships require sincerity and an offering of the Self which is like a full earthen bowl and not a begging bowl. Seeking Union can be Difficult in the Beginning, because we are often attracted to aspects in others we find deficient in ourselves, which can lead to fascination and disagreements. You don’t need to go out searching for love. You need only open to love to find it was always there. Attraction is built upon opposite energy so there is no need to change anything in others. Hold to this truth and you will gain loyalty. If you are seeking union with others, celebrate their differences.

Line 2:

Hold union within = persevere in intimacy. Changes to (29) Abyss. The danger of union is that one can lose themselves when associating with another. There is no need to impress or behave in a way to gain acceptance. Merely be yourself and others will be attracted to your steadfast and sincere nature. Retain your individuality and dignity when interacting with others to avoid the loss of authenticity. Don’t be afraid to jump into the unknown.

Line 3:

Union with the wrong people = leads to humiliation. Changes to (39) Obstruction. Avoid habitual needs that bring you together with the wrong people. This type of Union can only lead to Obstruction when you discover a lack of fulfillment. You are probably seeking a connection with those that are not of like mind. This can only lead to humiliation or injury.

Line 4:

Hold union outwardly = determination is auspicious. Changes to (45) Gathering Together. There are times when it is appropriate to seek union with others beyond your circle of intimate associates. You may need to step out of your network or social sphere to seek union with people who can teach you or guide you to a higher level. Maybe you are spending time with someone you wouldn’t normally associate with but are gaining wisdom through the association. By gathering diverse people in your sphere you are able to explore all aspects of who you are. By looking without, you learn more about what is hidden within.

Line 5:

Manifesting Union = one way out, the other ways lead to trouble. Changes to (2) Receptive. When you are comfortable and secure in who you are, you have no need to hunt and capture followers. Your purity and strength is a magnet that pulls others to you. Impressing others or pretending to be who you are not can only lead to trouble. The Receptive force in life is magnetic and therefore, has no need to hunt or capture. Others come of their own accord because you are sincere.

Line 6:

Associating out of confusion = finding no head for Union. Changes to (20) Contemplation. One must examine the beginning of measures that are made for Union to discover if it will lead to the right ending. Commitment and devotion are things we possess, yet give to another. However, a fear of intimacy will ensure that we attract relationships that feel like abandonment. If Union is elusive, explore your mindset. You are seeking an association out of confusion.

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