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I ching

Qián The Creative

I Ching Hexagram 1
Qián (The Creative)

Action: Initiate

Hu Gua (secondary influence) 1 Creative: Initiate

Zong Gua (underlying cause) 2 Receptive: Yield

Life shows its harmony, when you discover your connection to what unfolds.

A little kingdom I possess, where thoughts and feelings dwell;and very hard, the task I find of governing it well. – L.M. Alcott

Reading at a glance: The Creative embodies the active principle in the universe and represents initiating action. The lines in this hexagram refer to the Dragon which in China is honored as a benevolent and powerful creature. When this energy of empowerment remains dormant in the psyche we can give our power away. We can operate with the undermining or self gratifying and fearful behavior of the ego. This suppressed energy funds the Shadow in dreams, a great source of our original power. We therefore project and encounter it in others until we can own it and become fully empowered. An opportunity for expansion and authentic empowerment emerges which requires assertiveness and persistence. If you currently feel held back or victimized, remove the shackles because they are merely self limiting beliefs. Initiative is required to succeed, although it is important to move in sync with the time and respond with openness. The Creative is duplicated in the hidden influence position and underscores the idea of initiating where the Receptive as the underlying cause shows that a period of reflection and retreat must give way to active expression. A new burst of inspiration has gestated and you can now bring it life. There is great potential waiting for you to tap it.

sun above clouds

Lifted up

by what is pressed down

the great untangles the night.

“The clouds pass and the rain does its work and all individual beings flow into their forms.” Qián is made up of all Yang lines showing potential and beginnings where action is necessary to manifest this energy. Qián coaches you to take responsibility to become empowered in a current situation. Although circumstances might appear to be working at cross purposes to what you are trying to achieve, change is on the horizon that will allow you to express your greater capabilities.

The master says: “you cannot plant a large tree within a small pot.” Plant yourself in an environment of expansion. Open yourself to wonder because what you experience is only limited by your beliefs. To be successful, you must ensure that any self doubt or insecurity is eliminated. Even if initial steps bring about a challenge open to how this hones your ability to succeed. Don’t give up.

Be firm in standing up for what you feel you should to do in a situation where you may feel powerless. Without the freedom to keep growing, your authenticity is stunted.

You can no longer claim to be a victim. Everything that is unfolding is propelling you toward growth and actualization. If you feel stuck, look for the closed doors that are leading you toward an open door.

Meeting the world of events, you may believe that you have nothing to do with what is unfolding. There is an inconsistency of belief, each time you take responsibility for your success, but blame events for your failure. To discover Tao's fundamental harmony you must first uncover your connection to what unfolds.

The width and depth of your beliefs mirror the growth of your branches above. When you take inventory of what you are currently doing in thought and action, you will discover the seeds of what you are making of tomorrow. The Creative offers a message of inspired rebirth and a chance to harness your further capabilities. Creativity, inspiration or a new idea is seeking manifestation so loosen the borders of your paradigm and free yourself.

Take a chance and have faith that everything is coaching your real nature forward. You have an opportunity to be more empowered by confronting your fear of change. Once you remove the barriers of fear, you will experience life in more powerful and fulfilling ways. The Creative is a sign that you are ready for greater challenges and can open you to the ultimate reward it will bring.

Qián means force and as the great Creative Power is the inspiration behind all form and requires some sort of application to give it life. Open to the inspiration that is seeking to manifest through you.


Dragon stirring unexpressed = action is needed to give it form. The Creative unchanging shows powerful feelings or inspiration not acted upon. It can be a warning that insecurity may be inhibiting your ability to see opportunity when it presents itself. It can symbolize focusing on the hope that something will transpire rather than taking the active steps to make it manifest. Some sort of action is necessary to bring this opportunity into form. Like a fruitful seed that has landed on a rock, you need only move it into the soil of purposeful action so that it can grow. Otherwise it will remain as the dream of a flower that dried up and blew away in the wind because you failed to nurture it. You may have heard the call to do something but your fear is holding you back. A creative or transformative opportunity is in gestation and requires time before the birth of inspiration reveals itself.

Line 1:

Hidden Dragon = do not act. Changes to (44) Coming to Meet. The timing is inappropriate for action. Have patience so your plan can develop further, avoiding negative repercussions. You are in the early stages of realizing your goal. Be patient. Those depending on you may require reassurance but check that guilt is not holding you back from making a change. Don’t blame others as what you encounter may simply be your Shadow or the energy that you project on others so you don’t have to acknowledge your real face. You are eager because the temptation to act is stirring the great power within you.

Line 2:

Dragon in the Field = get helpers. Changes to (13) Fellowship. Develop your talent and explore networking ideas. Establish a plan of action and incorporate the feedback and/or skills of others. Don’t be selective in choosing feedback because the more diverse the group, the better. Great potential is emerging but it is best realized when you are not going it alone. If you are diligent, your harvest will succeed.

Line 3:

All day all night = powerful but does not threaten. Changes to (10) Treading. The power to succeed is rising although tread carefully, knowing that new ideas can bring about opposition. Gain consensus by showing that what you are attempting to do is of benefit to others. Ensure that you have the capacity to carry your plan forward. Don’t rush. Monitor your words and actions and behave moderately – the situation is delicate.

Line 4:

Dragon leaping over pond = attempting to fly but safe. Changes to (9) Small Restraint .Your plan of action is ready for implementation and yet you may need to play it safe. Perhaps you must pay attention to the small details. While difficulty may have appeared at first, there is nothing to worry about so have confidence. Take it one step at a time. Big things are accomplished only by heaping up small things over time. Your power to succeed relies on gentle persuasion, not aggressiveness.

Line 5:

Dragon flying in sky = realizing ambition. Changes to (14) Great Possessing. Due to connections and confidence, all lights are green and your success is assured. Be sure to reward those who assisted you in your success. This is a powerful line that is connected to a powerful hexagram. Timely action, confidence and virtue will pay off. You are in sync with your Tao and have the power to succeed. Whatever it is that you are creating for yourself can become the illumination for others. Stop thinking and fly. The energy is bigger than you and it is correct.

Line 6:

Haughty Dragon = acts without support, cause to repent. Changes to (43) Determination. Success needs no aggression and pomp. Remove doubt and insecurity to ensure completion in your efforts. You may feel like you can go it alone or don’t need support, but that will lead to misfortune. Victory may appear easy and within reach, but therein is the danger. The sixth line indicates the end of the opportunity so this might be your last chance to check your attitude to ensure you are sincere and not acting defensively.

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