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I ching

Ta Yu (Great Possessing)

I Ching Hexagram 14
Ta Yu (Great Possessing)

Action: Shine

Hu Gua (hidden influence) 43 Determination: Breakthrough

Zong Gua (underlying cause) 8 Union: Discover

If you are not playing the host,
you will discover that you are the guest.

In the depth of winter, I finally learned
that there was in me, an invincible summer. – Albert Camus

Reading at a Glance: Ta Yu is formed when Fire moves over Heaven. The idea of mental clarity or the sun in the sky shows its auspiciousness in describing your current condition. The sun sustains life and if we rise like the sun, we need only activate our hidden powers of expansion. Like the sun, by simply being, we set off a chain reaction of abundance. Obstacles disappear because of the hidden influence of Breakthrough. We cultivate the seeds planted in the dark of winter that break through the soil of difficulty and emerge stronger and wiser. This is Great Possessing. Perhaps we learned to play the guest of life and not strive so much to fight against what can never be. Where the underlying cause of Union was a time of joining and partnerships, Great Possessing is a time when our star shines or our sun is rising as an individual. Life has offered you its greatest gift – the power to shine with an inner certainty that need not be defended. Strength and clarity unite and you can move forward in the knowledge that Grace is your teacher and power is merely aligning your will with the way. The message can be about wealth, success or just a sense of knowing you have arrived.

baby hand in parent hand

When the hand opens

to reveal

its unbroken line -

the host

rumbles in the belly.

“The character is firm, strong, ordered and clear: the image of possession in great measure.” Ta Yu is the image of an inexhaustible source of energy that is available when you open yourself to nature’s drive toward excellence.

The master said: “Do not play the host, but become the guest.” If you can transcend your need for control, you can become the recipient of the subtle treasures that life has in store for you.

In the natural world we are the only creatures who attempt to play the host. We have become so disconnected from knowing what it is like to hunt for our nourishment that we behave less like animals and more like trees. You might argue that unlike trees, you can move freely about. Yet, you come and go to the same places each day, drawing sustenance from a refrigerator. Even while you barely look over your dashboard, desktop or television, life still finds productive ways of coaching your authentic nature forward. Opening to life’s power to lead you aligns you with a power and energy that cannot be depleted.

As a message about the illusion of control, a tree provides shelter to the tiny nests hidden within its branches, but it does not play the host because it opens itself to the wind, rain and the tiny insects that nourish and steward its pollination and rebirth. The wind and the rain are not the host because they are generated by the changing pressure systems in the atmosphere. The earth is not the host because it responds to these atmospheric changes, and the moon makes its great bodies of water rise and fall. If the oldest things in the universe are not in control, then why do you attempt to play the host?

Playing the host without understanding the host is how you unwittingly create your own misfortune. When you learn to become the guest of a greater unfolding, you can flow into life’s purposeful movement toward the best of what it might become. Knowing your place within the larger flow of life allows you to discover power in great measure.

Trusting that something more profound might understand your needs in ways that you cannot, “all things in the universe have a purpose; is it right that you should be different?” The future must remain a mystery because life has a special predisposition for exploring possibilities. Through its dance of randomness, it generates innovation and novelty. When you are not busy organizing your life, you will discover that you are the guest of something that demonstrates a greater purpose in leading you.

The greatest teacher learns by the process of teaching and the most celebrated artists allow their work to lead them. Similarly, if you open to the energy of life to lead you forward, you can access power or inspiration in greater measure.

The more you open, the more this great energy of discovery will fill you. The Flame burns away any barriers that keep you from experiencing yourself just so. As the image of a hand opening to present an offering, when you open in this way, you will receive.


Nothing has been lost = shine your light without searching. Ta Yu unchanging can be a message that you already have all that you need so stop searching. In relation to the object of your enquiry, it can be a cryptic answer like Hexagram 4 when you keep pushing for additional clarity and the answer is “it is what it is” for now. Unlike Hexagram 4 which is an admonishment to stop asking, Ta Yu adds the additional message that your life is full of abundance if you can stop focusing on what is missing. Sometimes we can operate like a magnet rather than being magnetic. One gathers a lot of possessions, relationships, and whatever satisfies their desires, but they have not incorporated the work that is required to make Great Possessing fulfilling. It can be instant gratification or just a desire to win or have the most toys. What is missing from the flow is that abundance fulfills and renews daily because it is shared. Your life is given more definition when you experience it through others. Examine your desire to see if growth rather than need is operative. Ta Yu is a positive message showing how clarity of mind and strength of character have made your abundance recognized and is something valued by others.

Line 1:

Releasing what causes harm = eliminating arrogance. Changes to (50) Cauldron. Since this is the beginning of Great Possessing success can go to your head. The only thing standing in between you and your object of desire is the need for humility. Things are not as easy as they appear, so there is a need for caution. Because you refuse the easier path and seek a higher aim, you are respected. Not holding a grudge and rising above the superficial works wonders.

Line 2:

A wagon arrives = you have the means to succeed. Changes to (30) Clarity. Remaining true to yourself is important in achieving your aim. The wagon refers to gaining the consensus and support of others. You have shown you are worthy of greater responsibility. The situation shows a connection to passion and the synergy of Clarity. Your aims are in agreement with others.

Line 3:

You are in a unique position to help another = no one else can do this. Changes to (38) Opposition. This is a line that suggests an attitude of abundance ensures that you don’t fall into conflict with others. Don’t measure what you give, it will only undermine your success in achieving your aim. The empty vessel of being open is always filled when in the service of others. A sacrifice may be required and another may rely on your support. However, know that sacrificing to others can also lead to their resentment which is not something you can control. There is a fine balance required, so if you open your hand make sure the gesture is with the attitude of abundance and not what you will receive in return.

Line 4:

Making a difference between oneself and neighbors = envy is a counting rod. Changes to (26) Taming Power Great. It is normal to look around and measure your success against what others have. Perhaps you haven’t quite arrived where you thought you should be. You are filled with inspiration even if you haven’t yet found a way to express it. Looking over the hedges to see what the neighbors possess just distracts you from seeing the gifts you are being given. Accumulating this great energy of self direction is progress so tame it.

Line 5:

Truth accessible and dignified = it is the character that attracts good fortune. Changes to (1) Creative. There are many blessings at your disposal that only require that you keep your relationships balanced with sincerity. You are received like plants greeting the sun. You offer unconditional sincerity that transcends the material world because your radiance is inspired by truth. Other’s respect you for your actions but your dignity is at the core of who you are. You are seen for who you are and trust is not misplaced.

Line 6:

You are blessed by heaven to receive what you need = great good fortune. Changes to (34) Great Power. Great Power means being vigorous but Great Possessing is one who becomes a vessel of abundance that overflows. Because you have no need to cling to anything, all things come to you. Great Power focuses on movement and strength. Great Possessing at its pinnacle shows that you have done the work required to prepare yourself to be a vessel of abundance for others. A period of testing has proven that your dignity is unquestionable.

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