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Often we will have a dream where a character offers us advice that can even seem like bizzare information. We are being guided in our dreams and it is important to explore any symbols or direct statements that are made. You can see this as information coming from your Higher Self. Even the Trickster, who is the part of the psyche that can poke fun at us in our serious attempts to hold to an absolutist perspective, can be viewed as an important guide in helping us through a transition. Examine the words carefully - see if saying the words several times makes the message more clear. For example, 'that is the wrong outfit' can be a message that your persona (clothing) is inappropriate to express your authenticity. Out-fit can also be a message about outgrowing something. Don't take the message at face value. Look for synonyms or ways that running the words together brings forward different meanings. Explore any names or strange words on the internet to explore ideas objectively.