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A very common dream scenario involves dreaming that your partner is intimate with someone other than you. Although you may feel that your intuition is telling you something, remember that dreams use other people and their qualities to portray you. Consider the qualities of this interloper and whether or not it might represent an aspect of you that is being explored. As you make changes, you may feel insecure about the effects it will have on your relationship. You may dream of your partner with someone 'new' as a representation of the new you.

Although you may be in a fulfilling relationship, you can dream of intimacy with past partners. At some point in your life, you projected the power for self love upon your mate. It is as if they hold/held the power to make you feel good about yourself. Consciously you may feel that you are functioning independently in a current relationship, but since you dream of what you are not facing, the appearance of an 'old flame' can be activated when you feel uncertain about your value in a current relationship. These past partners embody the idea of self love - they appear as we explore and merge (sexual intimacy) with this potential to love ourselves. This must occur independently from the feedback we are currently receiving. See also Love.

Since dreams allow for the free exploration of feelings, it is common to dream of sharing affection, sex or intimacy with people other than your mate. As you ‘role play’ by experiencing the different aspects of yourself, it can be portrayed by various characters, where you sometimes behave in a masculine way (mounting/dominating.) You are merely exploring your desire to be more aggressive. You may dream of being unusually sensitive or affectionate with another woman, or in a feminine way, as a way of ‘embracing’ or exploring the idea of increased sensitivity. The side of you this person represents and how you approach them in the dream, will feel ‘clandestine,’ only in proportion to how you are currently not ‘embracing’ or integrating this side of yourself in waking life. See also Anima/Animus.