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white and blue ambulance van traveling on road
Photo by Jonnica Hill on Unsplash

The ambulance ties together the idea of crisis, the need to be nurtured and as a vehicle, guidance in making directional choices. Like dreams of calling Nine One One, or seeing something written in red ink, the ambulance can bring a high level of needed focus to the idea that you feel you are in a ‘state of emergency,’ not physically but perhaps spiritually or emotionally. You may feel out of control of directional decisions or may need to become more self directed.

If the ambulance is unusual, the required change you may need to make - is not necessarily something you have tried before. The aspects surrounding the ambulance need to be considered for added insight about how you are moving forward in life. If the ambulance crashes into your vehicle, it suggests how fear and insecurity may be keeping you from moving forward. If the ambulance is carrying belongings or other unusual items, explore what those symbols represent to understand how carrying something (like an idea) is taxing your autonomy. See Vehicles and Places of Transportation.