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Terracotta soldiers
Photo by Aaron Greenwood on Unsplash

When a symbol appears to you as being ‘ancient,’ it can have different meanings. First, being ‘old’ or ‘antique’ can suggest a part of you associated with the symbol that is outworn, or no longer true in terms of the person you are becoming. Ancient buildings can portray ideas constructed in the past that still influence you today. Ancient artifacts will have associations with the symbol discovered (see Vase, Stone, Amulet, JewelsandChest.)Secondly, when you discover something ancient and profound as a treasure, it suggests finding a deeper connection to experience by exploring inspiration or spiritual beliefs. Many people explore deep transformation through imagery that is associated with temples (that house our beliefs) or artifacts (as a representation of what we carry, even while it is old). As we change, fundamental aspects remain unchanged by time. Life peels away the layers that reveal your ancient or unchanging nature. This ‘ancient’ symbol can represent the core of who you are that is timeless and valuable, offering clues to your real identity and destiny. Explore whether the dream is suggesting letting go of the outworn or tapping the part of you that is valuable yet buried.