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Dreaming of something taking place on a balcony can be a way of exploring your outlook or aspirations. You may feel the need to widen your perspective to explore opportunities you are missing. If there is a frightening character hiding on the balcony - you may need to explore how you (see Shadow at end) or someone in your life is holding you back in some way. If the balcony is falling or in need of repair - the message would be about making adjustments that allow you to achieve your ambitions. If the balcony leads to a fertile landscape - you may be going through a powerful transformation that is making you more grounded and authentic. If the balcony overlooks a pool or body of water - you are making strides to understand the deepest part of your nature in what would be called the unconscious. The balcony can also be a symbol of remaining removed from human intreraction if you have been going through a period of isolation. See Houses and Buildings and Shadow.