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gray fixie bike leaning on black wall
Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

As a type of transportation symbol, the bicycle is symbolic of exploring how you are moving forward. In this case you are feeling that you are propelling yourself by your own effort. You may have slowed down recently to connect more with your path in terms of actualizing your real capabilities.

The idea of balance is also suggested since the bike requires a sense of balance to keep it upright. If there is something odd about the bike, explore the color for information that can help you define your direction. If the wheel is faulty - you may not be recognizing the cause that is leading to the type of events you are experiencing - probably tied to being negative. Handlebars allow you to steer and can have associations with your ability (or not) to change course. A play on the word 'bars' can suggest self restraint or even the idea of drinking and how it is affecting you. See Vehicles and Places of Transportation.