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Being blamed for something you did not do in a dream is a message about behavior that you are not recognizing that may be undermining your success. Explore what you are being blamed for to objectively see if this is something that might provide a key to a breakthrough. This type of dream presents the psyche’s amazing power to break through by leaving you puzzled. At first you will awaken sensing that you were blamed for something completely bizarre, which you would never do in real life. The point of the dream is to make a suggestion through any symbolism that can break through.

Sometimes breaking the symbolism down into pieces will show you how being ‘blamed’ is the same as your psyche saying you need to do it. Example: being blamed for stealing a cake is a suggestion about having your just desserts or finding more reward in life; being blamed for leaving a child alone in a park is coaching you toward a type of rebirth that will lead to more independence.