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white sailboat on ocean
Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash

Traveling by boat brings forward the idea of 'emotional passages.' Water represents your current feelings and how the water is portrayed will suggest the condition of your emotions. If the water is turbid, there may be past hurts that need to be processed and released. Choppy water can portray emotional difficulty as you move through changes. Often the passage will become calm after a difficult transition, when you are feeling more peaceful. If the boat is in peril, you may feel like your emotions have become overwhelming.

Boats, buses and trains, in which you are a ‘passenger,’ suggest how you are following a course that is not self-directed and not easily changed. Travel over water is indicative of emotions and how the ‘flow of events’ or ‘current’ is leading you forward into the future, and often represent uncertainty and a lack of trust. See Vehicles and Places of Transportationand Water.