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As you grow, you can feel insecure about where you are going. In fact, you go through many changes because situations force you to change. Dreaming of crashing is a way of exploring insecurities about how you are moving forward. The details surrounding the crash will reflect whether or not you feel in control and autonomous in moving forward.

It is important to note that the crash dream is not necessarily a warning of being on the wrong path. The mishap merely reflects the colliding aspects of where you are in life, and where you feel you should be. Accidents can symbolize your fears as you confront or collide with your other needs. Ambition can be thwarted by fear, or the need to make changes can collide with the feeling of being stuck.

If a house crashes down around you - it can symbolize how the foundation of your ideas must give way. Self limiting ideas may be stunting your growth. If it is a public building it carries the message of ideas related to work.

Since a boat relies on the current, wind and outside elements to go forward, accidents involving water suggest the way emotions are driving you. Water accidents can portray fears about how circumstances feel beyond your control and are leading you forward. Choppy water can be a message about feelings you are not confronting that would better serve you if you approached how you feel honestly. Calm water can portray the ways you attempt to go with the flow to master your forward movement.

Accidents involving motorized vehicles represent insecurities about your motivation and ambition. If the accident involves a car, it portrays insecurities about the choices you are making. If the accident involves a plane, you may feel insecure about aspirations as you embark in an upward direction. An accident by train can show the disappointment you feel in light of other's expectations of you. Tracks have been laid down for you, although you have a sense of not being able to follow them.

If you are driving or are responsible for the accident, you may be questioning your direction, but still feel autonomous and empowered. If someone else is driving or has caused you to be in an accident, this other 'character' should be considered in relation to their influence on your autonomy. This dream shows the power you give away and the key to how it holds you back.

Example: a mate driving you in a dream reveals the power you have given this person to make decisions for you. A parent driving you, shows the power they hold over you because you allow it. Whomever drives you in a dream holds the key to what drives you in life. If the character is not involved in your life, then consider what part of you they might represent and how this aspect may be undermining your ability to move forward. Accident dreams usually occur when you are attempting to become more empowered, self-actualized and self-directed.

If the accident involves natural events or is the result of a natural disaster, it can be a way of dissolving your current foundation or belief structure to allow for more ‘natural’ changes within you. If the house is involved, it suggests certain areas of your life that are undergoing transformation. See Houses and Buildings, Natural Disasters, Landscape and Scenery, Accident under Vehicles and Places of Transportation.