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grayscale photo of man sitting on folding stool with crutches in front of people
Photo by Alev Takil on Unsplash

You may dream of being Crippled or using a crutch when you feel disempowered in a situation. As an tool that you ‘lean upon,’ or ‘fall back on’ it is similar to an excuse or reason for why your forward movement is impeded. The crutch can signify the part you play in feeling limited. Seeing a crutch can be helpful if you look at it like the word ‘but’ against the other symbols. It negates or undermines the power of what precedes it: “I want to save for retirement, but…." "I know I should take care of my body, but…” Using a crutch or seeing someone on a crutch, is a way of exploring the power of disempowering thoughts against the idea of ‘just do it.’ It reveals how you negate your power in daily life.

Like the Cane, you may question your ability to move forward, although the crutch is something you lean upon to avoid personal responsibility. The part the crutch plays in the dream will suggest how disempowering thoughts are actually serving you in another way. Since both are saying that your legs are unable to carry you forward in a healthy way, the dream is showing what impedes your forward movement.