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grayscale photography of cemetery
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The idea of death is a complex symbol with many meanings. If you dream that your life is being threatened, the dream is exploring how you are letting go of a side of you that is no longer appropriate or that you must let 'pass on.' If you are committing suicide, it can symbolize self destructive tendencies or your willingness to allow some part of you to 'pass on.' If you are witnessing someone else being killed, you are not owning this transformative process that is required of you. Ask yourself how the death of this 'other person' might represent a side of you that needs to undergo some type of change or metamorphosis. Since all people in dreams represent sides of you, think of the adjective you would use to describe the person who has died and how it represents you. Many people dream of seeing a loved one who has died and comes back to visit, as a way of taking baby steps in the acceptance of this loss. Often, they will see the person who has passed on a television show or in some other media form as the idea of accepting the death makes its way into consciousness. See Advertisement, Murder, Corpse, and Attack and Being Chased.