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Defecate or Excrement

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In the same sense that you ‘chew' on experience to 'digest’ it, and ‘eliminate’ past experience and perspectives, seeing excrement can symbolize how an outlook that was originally nourishing, may need to pass. Dreaming of defecation is a sign that something you are holding onto needs to be released. To defecate in public can be a symbol of how peer pressure or conformity is forcing you to be something you are not. You may have anger and resentment that cannot be expressed because of how others would view you for doing so. The negativity or repulsion that is often associated with excrement shows how the unconscious has rejected what you are holding on to, in a way that moves you to release it. Associated with another character or animal can suggest the side of you is being eliminated, such as feelings/emotions (animal) or the characteristics you associate with this person. Often you will dream of Water leaks later on, as a representation of how releasing has allowed feelings (water) to seep and renew consciousness. See Animalsand Houses and Buildings.