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dinosaur with open mouth beside buildings still selective focus photography of
Photo by Huang Yingone on Unsplash

Reptiles can personify areas of the brain that act instinctually or autonomously. Stress or the flight or fight response can take the form of a reptile, and sexual impulses too, can be personified by these creatures. If a dinosaur threatens you in a dream, consider whether you are existing in a prolonged anxiety condition that may not be healthy. At the same time, not allowing for the free reign of sexual feelings can make these feelings overwhelm you in the dream state. There is a part of all of us that is as old as time and not easily controlled. Dreams of dinosaurs can show the activation or life of these instinctive responses. If you are finding only the bones of dinosaurs, the message can revolve around old issues, wounds or a healing that needs to take place. See also Reptiles.