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white wooden door
Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash

Doors represent both barriers and the idea of exploring potential. You may dream of a familiar house with a door leading to a room you didn't even know existed. Since the house represents your 'inner architecture,' the door can symbolize opportunities, unacknowledged potential or strengths that you are not considering. The door captures the idea of the way you hold yourself back from new experiences and also, the pathway to new experiences. The door can be a sexual symbol if this area of your life is currently being held back.

The front door is associated with how you reveal yourself in social situations. Dreaming of the front door represents a type of 'coming out' or a change in the way you appear to others. The backdoor leads to the area of the mind that is kept more private, and a dream associated with the backdoor can symbolize blockages or opportunities that you are not facing head on. Side doors capture the idea of influences, or the middle way between two tough choices. Associated with peripheral vision, the side door embodies ideas that encompass more of life than you are currently 'allowing in.' The coming and going through side doors can signify a type of hiding. Any characters associated with door openings should be explored. Consider the adjective that best describes the person and explore how they represent aspects of you that are currently 'coming or going' as in being adopted or released. See Door under Houses and Buildings.