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Photo by Laith Abushaar on Unsplash

The dragon is an ancient Archetype found in stories where the hero is challenged to a type of metamorphosis. In mythical stories of virtually every culture - the dragon embodies the power to go 'below the surface' and rise above the earth with 'expanded awareness.' This is a powerful dream that captures the transformative journey that will allow you to tap your fullest potential. Although the dragon may be frightening - symbolically it represents your power for rebirth. At the same time, the fire breathing dragon can personify anger or defensiveness to cover your insecurities. A parent may have demonstrated a fiery temper, while you were not comfortable expressing anger because it was viewed as something bad. Later, you may dream of the dragon as a representation of unprocessed anger. In any case, the dragon symbolizes the awakening of full and free expression that leads to empowerment. See also Reptiles.