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stainless steel elevator door with buttons
Photo by Derrick Treadwell on Unsplash

There are several ways to move between Floors, which represent the various areas of the psyche and doing so in an elevator can portray the idea of ascending/descending in terms of aspirations. Upper floors show the movement toward aspirations, while lower floors can symbolize fear, retreat or the subconscious attitudes that affect your ability to move ‘upward.’

If the elevator is moving sideways or forward - the dream can have a different meaning. It can be symbolic a 'lateral' move rather than an 'upward' promotion. Expectations of a promotion may be on hold until something is accomplished or proven (something mechanical not working properly). Also, since an elevator is an automated device there can be a message about putting more 'drive' or direction into your approach. If it felt that the elevator was moving 'sideways' the messge can be about deviating or the need to deviate from a chosen path. You'd might consider how the elevator's behavior left you feeling - and how those feelings need to be explored.

The elevator 'transports' you without any sense of control and can symbolize uncertainty in your life direction. Rather than taking actual 'footsteps,' you 'hit a button' and trust that 'fate' is leading you to your destination. Often associated with anxiety, you are forced to rely on a ‘mechanical vehicle,’ to get you where you want to go. In this way, the elevator can suggest patterns of emotions or programmed responses that influence your motivation and therefore, your ability to achieve success. Anything odd about the elevator should be examined for clues about your current approach.

The elevator can symbolize how you ‘remain in a Box,’ where ‘doors’ open automatically, and so, the elevator can offer a message about transcending self defeating ideas. The ride can be smooth and reliable or something confusing and chaotic in proportion to how you feel you are moving toward your aspirations and whether or not you feel empowered to achieve your desires. The other symbolism included in the elevator dream can offer clues that can help you break through your fears to achieve success. See Vehicles and Places of Transportation and Arriving and Leaving.