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As a sense of finality, exit or route of escape, this type of dream can focus on ‘searching for closure or a way out’ of difficulty. It suggests worry that there may be no end in sight. The dreamscape offers a more holistic perspective, where one thing simply merges into something else. At the same time, the unconscious demonstrates a type of perception that also transcends your normal distinctions. The end of a road can symbolize letting go of the past, while the end of a hallway can signify the end of a transitional phase. If the end or a lack of resolution becomes a major focal point that stirs feelings of anxiety within you, perhaps you are learning to release a way of perceiving that has limited you. In this case, the end may be a message to let something go. Anytime a door closes, another one opens and all endings hold the seeds of a new beginning. See End of the World under Apocalypseand Landscape and Scenery.