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Dreams offer us inspiration about relationships and living. All the people that appear in our dreams represent an aspect of who we are/were or might be. These characters can personify emerging or unknown aspects or areas of the self undergoing exploration. Dreams seem to say that the same process might be happening in our daily existence. What if all the people on our path are meant to teach us something about ourselves? This is what is occuring in the dreamscape. There are no enemies and none of us are victims. We simply bring our baggage (good and bad) into situations to identify what parts of us should be strengthened - and what parts of us are unproductive and may need to be discarded. When a dream presents a character that threatens you or is at odds with what you are trying to do - examine how this character might represent your own unconscious tendencies. The enemy tests your vision, sincerity and sense of direction. You are the hero on a journey to activate your potential and discover your destiny. Just as the characters that test the hero of our ancient myths activate Self Awareness - the 'enemies' that appear in dreams and on your path are serving the same purpose. See Evil, Attack and Shadow.