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Associated with anger and emotion, fire is a symbol of transformation and passion. When fire becomes the subject of a dream, there is a sense of recognizing the destructive power of anger or feelings that cannot be controlled. Anger is a variation of pain. When you are denying anger it is because you are hurting in a way that you are unable to understand or process. Dreaming of fire and the other symbolism surrounding it can be a catharsis or healing vehicle for transcending an old way of repressing feelings that are holding you back. Whatever symbol is on fire may need to be released or your relationship to it needs to be redefined. Fire is also associated with sexual feelings that are not finding an outlet. Passion can also be symbolized by fire and it is important that you recognize how passion is currently at work for you. In this case, the fire can be a call to activate passion in work that has become routine. Seeing a building burn can represent the transformation of your belief system or attitudes. See Ashes.