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rock fragments near tall tress
Photo by Abdul Rafay Shaikh on Unsplash

Dreaming of gallows or witnessing a hanging can personify your feelings of guilt in some way. Why is the person being hung? Are they being punished unjustly? The person being hung can represent your own tendency to punish yourself with self criticism. Seeing a hanging can also portray feeling constricted or unable to freely expand your horizons. Dreams present a safe environment to explore conflict and crisis. When the setting of a dream involves gallows where someone is to be hung - the message can be that you are sabotaging some aspect of yourself. Examine the character that is being hung to see if it might represent a side of you that is feeling suffocated or unexpressed. Hanging is also associated with being in a state of suspension. You may also be harboring a sense of guilt that is undermining your ability to stand up for yourself.