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The most confusing aspect of dream interpretation is the idea that every character, symbol and even the landscape and lighting portray aspects of you. In waking life, you have the sense of being isolated or separate from everything around you, but at microscopic levels, all of life can be observed to be interdependent and behaving as one giant organism.

When Einstein penetrated the secrets of the molecular world, he remarked: “Nature does not distinguish between mass and energy but observes them to be one and the same.” He also revealed how our idea of space and time being distinct was incorrect: they are interwoven. His work transformed our understanding of the natural world, revealing our tendency to compartmentalize every aspect, as if each might exist independently. We now realize that there are no isolated building blocks, only the intricate relationship of how each part is an observable variation of a larger whole. It is we, who “must become open” if we are to understand nature’s more holistic interconnectivity. Dreams operate from a more organic awareness and present the first clues that our normal perceptive orientation may not be accurate.

We are brought together propitiously to learn from each other. In dreams, we see how characters portray the emerging and changing sides of ourselves. Perhaps dreams can teach us how we can become more observant and learn from our interactions with others. See Dreams as a model for approaching relationships under Dream Processing.