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white and black lighthouse on brown sand near body of water during daytime
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If you notice some part of your body becoming red or inflamed in a dream, you may have a 'sore spot' in relation to what the body part represents. In real life, inflammation is how the immune system rejects and processes toxins and dreaming of inflammation can have a similar meaning in helping you to achieve wellness. On the foot, you may be irritated with the false starts in your sense of direction. On the legs, you may be insecure about 'carrying your own weight.' If your arms are showing swelling in a dream, you may be feeling irritation about carrying the burdens of others. On your hands, you may be making choices that aren't appropriate for you. If your face becomes disfigured because of swelling - you may be exploring the idea that you are becoming someone you are not. The face is unrecognizable because it isn't healthy for you and isn't your 'real face.' Explore the part of the body involved for more information about what is 'festering' or in need of attention.