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Jewels and Jewelry

silver and blue gemstone studded crown
Photo by Rhii Photography on Unsplash

Jewels, gold or precious stones show how you are exploring what is important/valuable to you. Sometimes this type of dream reveals issues that you are protecting. For example, you may be protecting a precious jewel or hiding it from discovery. In this case, the dream shows defense mechanisms or unresolved issues that you have hidden away. The dream allows you to see how you have given something value (and protection) - when the issue really needs to be processed/released. Explore the surrounding symbolism to understand what it relates to: house/idea, car/motivation, garden/expression, road/goals. In some cases - the jewel represents self value and should be protected.

When you find a jewel - the dream is exploring how you might discover your own value - how you explore unknown potential or how you can recognize self worth by doing a little digging. When the jewel is associated with something you wear - such as jewelry - the idea of value and protection relate to the part of the body that is adorned. For example - a dream that focuses on earrings (ear) can be coaching you to listen more - a bracelet can have a message about giving and taking (hand/wrist) or providing for yourself. The bracelet can also have associations with being held back (restrained) because of values or priorities that are not healthy. A necklace can represent your core identity although it also covers the heart, which can be good or bad. The necklace can also have associations with responsibilities because it is 'worn around the neck.' While the jewel represents what you hold to be valuable - how it appears in a dream will describe its positive and/or negative meaning. See also Stone,Colorsand Purses, Wallets, Luggage, Jewels and Keys.