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red and yellow thread in needle
Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash

The needle can symbolize ideas like 'the needle in the haystack' or a sense that something valuable is in front of you but you are not seeing it because you are focused only on loss. The message can be about overcoming confusion and the need to focus in order to 'sew' the seeds of success. If the needle pierces the skin, it indicates the need to allow your feelings and emotions to come to 'skin awareness.' It draws blood at the same time that it causes pain. Both ideas are associated with the activation of feelings. You may feel that opening to intimacy is painful, but being injected with a needle suggests the necessary healing that will allow you to move on. Threading a sewing needle is a symbol of creating a new identity. See Drugs, Blood and also, Seamstress and Tailor.