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Not always obvious in a dream, numbers can appear in subtle ways. They can have universal meanings from sayings: threes a crowd; seventh heaven; or the ninth degree. They can also have personal meaning based on your past or actual experience. If numbers appear in relation to time, they can be exploring where you stand in relation to life stages. Numbers related to times of day can appear as morning (representing beginnings) afternoon (apexes or turning points) and evening (endings.)

Explore the numbers objectively. For example: 3:15 can represent a need for (3) integration - (1) that involves the self - and (5) parenting/nurturing others. Dreaming of 719 can suggest how (7) fate - often leads you (1) backward or back to the self - before you can achieve (9) actualization. Life is often a circular journey. If you add the numbers together, they can also offer a messages where 3+1+5 = 8, or organization and patience. Sometimes numbers are prophetic and pertain to how issues will be resolved in terms of months or days.

Zero and eight often suggest wholeness and infinity because both appear endless. Like the circle or mandala, zero can be a composition of the Self as it moves toward wholeness. Round shapes are often a message about taking a more holistic perspective that is more inclusive and less self centered. One suggests aloneness or self-sufficiency; Two depicts partnerships, choices and integration; Three can represent difficulty that requires integration, in the sense of a triangle situation, which demands resolution so balance can be achieved. It can also suggest getting the ‘third degree’ or ‘threes a crowd;’ Fourcan symbolize getting grounded; luck as in four leaf clovers, a symbol of the earth and elements; stability, as in ‘four on the floor’ or crouching prior to moving forward. It is often a symbol that appears when you are getting grounded, more earthy in your approach or seeking balance. Five can be associated with family, and represent fertility, abundance, and parenting. Like the digits of the hands and feet, issues related to taking, giving, holding and sustenance can be explored through the number five.

Six can be a way of getting the idea of ‘sex’ out in the open or it can have mysterious or spiritual/psychic associations as in the case of extra sensory perception. Often dreams of the number six can be a message about going beyond the senses or routine observation. Sevenis associated with religion and stages or cycles in life. It can symbolize luck and reward as in experiencing seventh heaven. Seven also appears as a representation of fate or simply relying on opportunity rather than making concrete decisions.

Eight can represent infinity, eternity or wholeness, but it is also a symbol of evolution. Eight is a powerful number that can signify patience. organization and leadership. Words that are Homonyms (like eight/ate or six/sex) are the psyche’s clever tools for slipping ideas past consciousness. In light of this, eight must also be considered in relation to Food and nourishment. Nine is usually associated with a turning point or apex; being at the end of our rope as in ‘nine lives’ or 911. But nine can also symbolize opportunities being missed by not challenging yourself. It can signify excess or perfection since it is associated with ‘being dressed to the nines.’ Nine is also a number associated with a more humanitarian perspective and the idea of higher thought or philosophy.

Ten can signify ambition because of its association with completion and arrival. It is a sense of having it all and integrating family and work in productive ways. You can dream of something related to the eleventh hour or it can be the non-integrated idea of one against one; Twelve, as in months, becomes completion or the beginning of a new cycle; Thirteen is odd, unnatural or unlucky and must also be considered in terms of integrating one (self) and three (eliminating or choosing.)

Numbers can be associated with personal experience, age or they can also be reduced to units. Fourteen, as one and four suggests how your idea of independence (one), is currently challenged by issues of balance (four.) Twenty-five becomes two and five, and can signify how partnership (two) leads to fertility or issues about giving and taking (five.) Forty-six would be a message about stability (four) as you approach sex or increased ‘senses,’ or sensuality (six.)

If you are searching career direction - numbers can be associated with certain areas. For example One can represent an entrepreneurial approach; Two can suggest work that relates to managing money or that utilizes the senses. Three can symbolize communication and marketing; Four can relate to the home or real estate; Five the arts; Six health and hygiene; Seven fashion and relationships; Eight big business and the stock market; Nine law and politics; Ten public relations; Eleven science or humanitarian work and Twelve can represent hospitals and public service.