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When evolution led mammals to adapt to a nocturnal existence, olfactory bulbs developed, and smell replaced sight as the dominant sense. These aroma circuits or odor pathways are believed to have become the neural outline of the limbic system within the mammalian area. This is the emotional center that generates the parental care of mammals: playfulness, vocal calling and emotion. Emotion and mood originally evolved from neural structures, once allocated only to the sense of smell that merely attracted or repelled. Over time, these two simple responses became the complicated emotions we experience today.

Dreams that focus on an odor may arouse either a positive or negative response. The situation is ‘visible’ only to the nose. ‘Something doesn’t smell right’ when you know it is bad, or ‘the odor may be pleasing’ and attract you when it is good. The other symbolism can shed light on what you are ‘sensing’ with your nose that you are perhaps not able to see. Attempting to cover body odor can signify hiding natural urges or sexuality from others.