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Dreams that take place in the office are generally exploring work issues when you are wanting more in your career. All the little nuances of the office can provide direction about what is holding you back or what you can do to achieve your aspirations. Items hung on the walls portray beliefs and allow you to see the ideas that you 'surround yourself with.' Computers can reveal thought patterns and phones can symbolize communication. Focusing on the ceiling can portray what you believe are limitations to your growth and upward mobility. Going to the roof can show how you are exploring a new direction outside of your current work scenario. The rug or carpet can symbolize issues 'swept under the carpet' or what is at the foundation of the situation. Windows and doors allow you to explore new opportunities and their condition can show whether you are doing so. The desk is a symbol of being driven by a need for security. If you open the desk to find something unusual, you are exploring other talents or inner resources at your disposal. See also Houses and Buildings.