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Prophetic Dreams

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The ‘dream cycle’ is a lot like ‘myth cycles.’ In our ancient stories, the hero is ‘tested’ in various ways or in different landscapes in an effort to uncover the truth about both, their identity and destiny. This is exactly the interpretation of why you dream. When a dream is observed to ‘morph’ into different landscapes, you will find yourself describing the dream: ‘it seemed like the same dream, but…’ These dream cycles usually come in three parts and suggest:

a) you as ‘the hero’ and the current challenge that you face
b) the part the past played in creating the current circumstance, and
c) how you might discover the key to both, your real identity and destiny.

The first part describes the conflict at hand, while the second part will sometimes portray family members or symbolism from the past, describing how the current crisis was created. The third portion of the dream is often prophetic or when understood, will portray actual information that can be verified by future events.

The third setting (c) usually offers something that appears puzzling or strange. Its ‘newness’ or bizarre imagery often provides the most profound information about the ‘missing link’ in overcoming conflict or crisis. It will generally make more sense to you when you recognize how dreams have an uncanny way of getting the truth across in the most unusual ways. This third dream setting often provides images that can be observed as synchronistic or describing future events before they happen. Research shows how our unconscious mind knows what is coming before we consciously piece the information together.