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The idea of quarantine represents taking special care when approaching something that might be 'infectious' like runaway feelings or affections. While the dream has little to do with the actual idea that your health is threatened, the action of placing something in quarantine allows you to examine how you enact 'compulsory isolation' when you might find more happiness by opening up. You may not be giving free reign to your feelings. Dis-ease can objectify how you are feeling uneasy - or how you might release the tendency to hold back. When your feelings seem beyond your control - the idea of avoiding infection can symbolize your fear of 'affection' or intimacy. If you are being quarantined because you may be a threat to others - the dream can be suggesting that your behavior or thoughts are blocking your development. This type of dream can be a 'time out' while you re-examine unproductive thought patterns. You may also need to examine your self esteem to ensure that you are not harboring feelings of inadequacy.