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Words that stand out in a dream are usually a clear message describing something that needs to be heeded. In fact, often you will wake up with words on your mind as the dream state changes into waking state. These words are capturing the dream imagery so stop and observe if you can see this happening upon waking. These words will sometimes become prophetic (capturing events that will unfold during the week) and is an interesting exercise that allows you to see how dreams have a different time sense.

When a question is asked of you in a dream - explore this question as if it is something your higher self is asking of you.

A good trick to enhance dream recall: use the state prior to waking to transfer the imagery in your dream into words. You dream in right brain holistic imagery yet usually awaken into left brain logic. The transition back to the left brain logical side can make the imagery evaporate. By transferring the images into words, you can then explore the symbols. You don't need to remember everything. You will generally dream of the same themes in different settings during the night. See also Answer.