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arizona bark scorpion on rocks
Photo by Shayna Take on Unsplash

Whenever you dream of small creatures that have a tendency to hide and suddenly strike, you are exploring your own tendencies to keep your instinctual nature under wraps and the ways in which it can bite back. Since the scorpion is associated with the desert, it can symbolize the 'inner wasteland' that is created by not engaging fully with life. The scorpion resembles a reptile in that it can have associations with the more autonomous functions of the brain, like fear responses, sex and/or heartbeat regulation, but it is actually a spider, bringing forward more of a web weaving tendency or the way you trap yourself in your growth. Its astrological association with the sign Scorpio as an Archetype, brings forward ideas related to the deeper elements of sex and the transformative power of experience. More often than not, scorpions are on paths and bite at the lower extremities bringing forward the idea of a sense of fear in moving forward.