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blue ocean water during daytime
Photo by YUCAR FotoGrafik on Unsplash

The sea is a classic symbol of the depths of the unconscious and the unknown, untapped or fearful aspect of the psyche. Water dreams are very common because water represents your emotions, and how you feel about the changes that you face as you move through life. To dream of turbulent seas suggests a sense of emotional crisis associated with moving forward. Any time this type of dreams occurs, later, you may dream about being on a similar ship and crossing the water that has become calm. This is representative of the emotional growth that you have achieved. In all of our ancient stories, water is the mysterious reservoir where the hero is to retrieve a treasure. Similarly, raging water often initiates you into a process of self-discovery. Floods can undermine the foundation of your beliefs until you are forced to let go. What you thought was solid and what you thought you needed, is washed away in the pursuit of basic survival. Water can also represent health and wellness since it is a symbol of the elixir of life.