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Sewing in a dream can show changes you are making to your identity. You can mend clothing as a way of making your ‘outer covering’ or Persona more specific to your unique body or Self. Since clothing represents your Persona or ‘costume’ you wear in public, dreaming of sewing can show how you are working to bring forward a more authentic way of interacting with others.Sewing and mending specific pieces of clothing will portray the area of life associated with the garment. For example, shoes and socks represent self-direction and the path; the shirt can represent responsibility, while pants are a symbol of how you provide for yourself. If a coat or jacket is being mended, you are exploring the 'protective covering' that may be keeping you from full participation with life. Sewing in your dream shows how you are activating some type of change that will allow for easier expression of your full capabilities. Sewing one symbol upon another can also be a message that allows you to explore how these symbols are related or 'tie together.' See also Seamstress and Tailor.