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brown snake on green moth
Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash

The snake is one of the most common symbols that people dream about. It can have associations with sex because of its shape, but also the biting and poisonous way instinctual behavior causes us to recoil and ultimately 'bites back' at us. In this way the snake is a classic symbol of defense mechanisms. Since ancient times, the snake has personified the need to 'shed the old skin' and transform. The feminine centered fertility and snake worshipping cults of antiquity were so powerful at one time that a mythology of evil was implemented to combat them during the rise of the Patriarchal religions. Just as the snake is associated with evil, it represents feelings or urges that you deem unacceptable for expression. When you dream of a snake, you are actually making strides to break free of self imposed restraints. See also Reptiles.