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Weapons and tools represent what you hold in your hand to express, feed, defend or build something. Cutting tools symbolize cutting through restraints or to shape something new from the old. Scissors combine the motion of grasping and letting go with the idea of cutting to symbolize ‘cutting away’ what binds you. The hammer allows you to ‘nail something’ of get it right, while you may also be pounding out your frustration. A sword can be sexual, although a sword or knife can suggest defensive tendencies or cutting through illusion to see the truth. A fork can represent the ability to gain fulfillment, but can also suggest a ‘fork in the road’ or choice. Artistic tools are associated with creativity and any item that is held in the hand will have an association with self-creation. A pen and pencil carry the idea of communication, while the pen can signify words that are not easily ‘erased.’ The pencil may be portraying words that have no commitment behind them. See also Weapons and Utensils.