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orange train between fall trees
Photo by Balazs Busznyak on Unsplash

The train, as a transportation symbol, personifies motivation and direction. Because it is following a track, you may have the feeling that your path has been laid out before you and is not within your control to change. Missing a train can symbolize fear of failure in light of expectations that have been imposed upon you, perhaps by your employer or parents. Jumping in and out of trains can symbolize how you are trying to find your own way. The train station is a place of transition and has a specific schedule, portraying your feelings about your ability to meet your own expectations. Dreaming of trying to catch a train can personify how you are caught up by the current demands of your schedule.

Boats, buses and trains, in which you are a ‘passenger,’ suggest how you are following a course that is not self-directed and not easily changed. See Vehicles and Places of Transportation.